andrea bowen 'Desperate Housewives': Another strangler attackTonight on “Desperate Housewives,” the strangler strikes again!

Susan’s Sentence & Katherine’s Krying
Susan has to pick up trash by the side of the road as her punishment for shooting Katherine. Heh. When Katherine gets caught littering (to give Susan more to do), she gets stuck on trash-gathering duty too. Double heh.

Katherine starts crying while they pick up trash, saying that Susan won and she lost. She cries that no one will ever make love to her five times in one day. Susan then sets to proving that she and Mike can do it five times in one day too. Mike can’t keep up and the Katherine issue comes up. Mike tells Susan that sex is all they ever had together, there was nothing else to the relationship and with Susan he has everything.

Lynette’s Lie & Gabby’s Guile
Lynette only has to pull off the charade for two more days because once she closes the biggest deal in history, she’ll be in the clear. Unfortunately, her number two guy at work is getting shipped off to the Florida branch. So Lynette has Terrence and his wife over to her house to celebrate, and by “celebrate” I mean “convince them Florida is awful and riddled with gators and hurricanes and drug lords.” Oh, Lynette!

Meanwhile, Gabby goes to confession to bribe the priest to get Juanita into Catholic school. He says if they had an opening, he could move her to the top of the list. So Gabby gets a man at Carlos’ company transferred to the Florida branch because his daughter is Juanita’s age and goes to the Catholic school. Oh, Gabby!

The issue comes to a head when Gabby learns of the pregnancy. She can’t believe Lynette would do that, Carlos just took over the company. Before Lynette can tell Carlos about the babies, he tells her he wants her to run the Miami office because he doesn’t need her with him anymore. She can either take the promotion and move to Miami or quit.

Bree’s Boudoir
Bree takes Karl to the opera and it’s totally over his head, while Orson is a man who appreciates such things. He particularly sympathizes with Madame Butterfly, who kills herself when her lover abandons her. Orson even asks Angie to spy on Bree for him while he’s gone for a golf weekend, which she does.

Karl comes by while Orson is gone, with a plan on how to get Bree a divorce. If Orson violates parole, like associating with a known felon, he goes back to jail. So all they have to do is photograph him with a felon and Orson will have to let her go. Angie sees them celebrating in Bree’s boudoir. Meanwhile, Orson comes home. Angie warns Bree and she manages to get Karl out onto the roof before Orson can see him. Angie then totally covers for the two glasses Bree left downstairs. When he’s gone, Angie explains that she did it for Orson and Bree explains that she can’t choose between them because the attraction with Karl is physical and the attraction with Orson is intellectual.

Nick’s Narcing
From a nearby coffee shop, Nick calls Agent Padilla under the name “Black Owl” and says he’s thinking about coming in. He says he doesn’t care what happens to him but he has to be guaranteed that “she” gets a pass. Does he mean Angie? Meanwhile, the coffee shop girl may have overheard his phone conversation.

After Nick leaves, the barista is strangled.  Well, we know from earlier that Angie goes to that coffee shop. Could it be that Angie is cutting a swath through her husband’s lovers, potential or otherwise?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • I loved Dana Delany’s outfit in court, that hat was awesome. I did not love Julie’s gold dress in the coffee shop. She looked like a high-class call girl and the color was awful on her.
  • Angie: I know you slept with my husband, so I’m thinkin’ we’re past the chit-chat stage.
  • Katherine: Your Honor, before you hand down your ruling, may I say something?
    Judge Gallagher: Make it quick, I already find you uninteresting.
  • Carlos: I really like this new look that you’ve got going but careful: Roberta in accounting asked if I thought you’d like to go bowling with her.
  • Mike: You wanna go for seconds? What’s gotten into you? Even on my birthday you told me to hurry up because “The Bachelor” was on.
  • Susan: Mike, I am offering you a nooner. Drop your pants and get upstairs!
    Mike: …can I bring my sandwich?
  • Gabby: Hey Nanook. Why are you wearing a parka?
    Lynette: …because fur is murder.

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