desperate-housewives-brenda-strong-nicollette-sheridan-marc-cherry.jpgBrenda Strong, who plays Mary Alice, the narrative chorus of “Desperate Housewives,” has added her voice to the real world drama of Nicollette Sheridan’s $20 million lawsuit against the show’s creator Marc Cherry.

In fact, she seems to feel it’s more like a dramedy.

“It was funny,” Strong tells Zap2it‘s Korbi TV. “My assistant said, ‘have they seen Marc Cherry? Are they crazy?’ She goes, ‘he’s really like a puppy dog! [laughs] It’s such a big leap!’ Anyway, it’s pretty funny.”

Strong has great things to say about Cherry’s dedication to the show and credits its success over its six seasons to his hands-on approach. So, when Korbi TV asked her about Sheridan’s lawsuit, she wasn’t shy about her doubts regarding her former costar’s claims.

“I just don’t believe that for a second,” says Strong. “It doesn’t make sense. Two and two don’t add up.”

]]>Eva Longoria Parker’s statements that the set isn’t hostile and Cherry “could not harm a fly, he’s just so sweet.” But, Strong’s statements contrast with not only Sheridan’s allegations, but recent comments from former show staffers claiming Cherry has been known to discriminate against female employees and that he creates a hostile work environment on-set.

Reporting: Korbi Ghosh
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