desperate housewives brian austin green john schneider 'Desperate Housewives' Brian Austin Green looks back on shooting the riot on Wisteria Lane

In typical “Desperate Housewives” fashion, the show left us with a Wisteria-wide calamity before the short winter hiatus. It wasn’t a tornado or a plane crash this time, but a huge riot spurred on by Paul’s (Mark Moses) threat to spoil the supposed suburban bliss of Wisteria Lane with a halfway house for ex-convicts.
“I haven’t been around for some of the grand scale ‘Desperate Housewives’ episodes,” guest star Brian Austin Green, whose character Keith is carrying on with Marcia Cross‘ Bree, tells Zap2it. “I know every year they do something big. But this is impressive that they pulled it off and got it shot and it turned out as well as it did.”
For the Fairview newbie, it was a shoot day like no other he has experienced for the show. “Usually when we’re on the lot on Wisteria Lane, there’s only a couple actors at a time and that’s it,” he says. “So to be out there and have 400 plus background [extras] on the street, the entire cast and when you get a call sheet that just says, ‘Riot.’ And the note from the office is, ‘We have no idea who we’ll be getting to and at what time, so bring a book and prepare to sit around.’ There was just so much to do.”
And we all remember that Green had a special role to play among the riot’s calamities. Keith got the living daylights beat out of him by a few thugs who mistook him for one of the ex-convicts during a brawl with his “Desperate” dad (“Smallville’s” John Schneider), who made a play for his lady.

“The first stuff was easy,” Green, 37, jokes. “I started out picking paint colors for rooms. In contrast, the fight scene I had to do in the last episode was really draining and long and tough to do. That was a really long shoot – that riot shoot. The fight scene was a complete day, just the same stuff over and over again from different angles. That was rough.”
Relive the rough scene below:

“Desperate Housewives” returns tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 2 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.
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