Evalongoria_desperatehousewives_s4_After a weak showing last week, Desperate Housewives was back on track tonight with an episode that did a great job mixing humor and mystery. Plus, we got a healthy dose of Bree’s kids. And that’s never a bad thing.

Bree: Benjamin, Danielle’s son, is 6 years old and visiting his grandparents for the first time in three years, along with Danielle and her husband Leo. It’s tense, especially since Bree reacts to every bit of news about how Danielle is raising Benji as if she had announced they were teaching him to worship Satan. Come on, Bree! Being an ethical vegetarian is a HUGE step in the right direction when you consider the path Danielle was on. Satan worship wouldn’t have been a huge surprise at one point, am I right?   

Unfortunately, Bree is kind of a horrible human being, and gets Benji to eat a hot dog. Which, of course, makes him violently ill. At Danielle’s "Welcome Home" dinner party. Where she sees that his barf has meat in it. Uuuuncomfortable. Danielle understandably cuts the visit short, and Orson is seriously pissed at Bree. Side note: Why weren’t Susan, Lynette, or Gabby invited to the dinner party?

Susan: Maynard, perhaps because his name is Maynard (calling him M.J. isn’t fooling anyone, Susan), is getting bullied by Juanita Solis. I don’t think I really need to explain any further when I say that this leads to Susan and Gabby wrestling on the front lawn. Because, you know, it’s Susan and Gabby. I really liked the scene where they made up, though, talking about how difficult their lives are these days. Very sweet.

Gabby: To pay their mortgage, Gabby and Carlos are forced to sell their nice car and buy Andrew’s old junker, which immediately breaks down. Andrew, back to the complete tool that we all knew he was, not only refused to bargain on the initial price, but refuses to chip in for the repairs. Gabby, also back to her usual uncompromising self, threatens to damage his fancy new car until he backs down. Did anyone else think Gabby looked a little cuter tonight, at least in some scenes? I like the short hair when it’s not in that awful half ponytail.

Felicityhuffman_desperatehousewives Lynette: Tom’s cleaning out the garage and Lynette is playing the role of my mom, mercilessly junking everything in sight. Even my favorite cut-offs from tenth grade! Um, I mean, even Tom’s unused mountain climbing equipment! Dave, ever the troublemaker, wanders by and notices Tom’s bass guitar. Cut to Tom and Dave, playing in their newly formed garage band. Oh, my. Lynette makes the mistake of telling Tom he’s way too busy for this crap (which, true) in front of Dave, thus forcing Tom to stand up to her or risk looking like he’s whipped.

In her continued bid to win "Worst Mother of the Neighborhood" (a neighborhood which includes Susan, Bree, AND Gabby), Lynette frames Penny (still alive!) for the intentional destruction of Tom’s bass. Real nice. Dave, in his continued bid to win "Most Popular Vaguely Creepy Dude of the Neighborhood," buys a new bass for Lynette to give to Tom after essentially telling her that Tom will cheat on her if she doesn’t let him play in the band. Right now, I’m guessing that Dave’s diabolical scheme involves beating his old high school rivals in a Battle of the Bands.

Mystery: Katherine tells Mrs. McCluskey that Dave is way too nice to investigate. Mrs. McCluskey very fairly points out that Katherine doesn’t have an excellent track record with men. However, they come up empty when they grill a clueless Edie, though it was a pretty hilarious scene. At Danielle’s party, they take the opportunity to question Dave directly, and Edie joins them in their curiosity, embarrassed that she doesn’t know anything about Dave’s history. Dave tearfully confesses in front of everyone that he never went to college, shaming Edie for forcing him to answer such a humiliating question. Awkward!

After he finds out from Edie that Mrs. McCluskey pushed her to ask, he implies that she’s paranoid because she’s going senile. Did anyone else feel a chill when he was talking about his poor senile grandma, who imagined that someone was breaking into her house and stealing her stuff? Watch out, Mrs. McCluskey!

Favorite Bree quote: On Danielle’s decision to home school Benji. Danielle: "He’s only six and he’s reading at a third grade level." Bree: "Well, what happens next year, when he overtakes you?" Snap!

Do you feel like this season is back on track? Any new ideas about Dave’s target?

Posted by:Liz Pardue