desperate-housewives-abc-patrick-angie.jpgIn this episode of “Desperate Housewives,” the women find that their biggest threats are close to home.

The episode begins with some major expository on Angie’s background with Patrick. He, an environmental terrorist, fell for her. He convinced her to help him set off a bomb, which ended up killing someone. Meanwhile, Nick was an undercover cop on the case. When a pregnant Angie wanted to turn herself in, he convinced her to run away with him, so they could raise Danny together. They hoped Patrick would never find them, but he has…

The ties that bind
Patrick has gotten pretty friendly with Danny behind a guise of being a novelist, who works on his book at the coffee shop where Danny works. Right after he comes in, Nick drops by. Patrick hides his face, worried that the former undercover cop will easily recognize him. A couple close calls later, he leaves none the wiser. Patrick, though, has learned from his conversation with Danny that Nick goes on nightly runs. Could Patrick have come up with a new ending for his novel?

On Nick’s run that night, Patrick speeds by him in his car, turns around and then drives right into him at breakneck speed. Wow, that scene left me speechless.

Angie comes to visit Nick in the hospital and he tells her that whoever hit him meant to. They think it may be Patrick and Nick tells her to take Danny to some hideout location that they had prepared. She tells him she won’t leave him and that she’s done running. If Patrick is there, she’s ready to finally face him. She does decide to send Danny to hide at a hotel. Danny argues that Patrick probably doesn’t even care about them anymore, but she convinces him to go. I thought that line Angie said was really great: “Please. If I’m wrong, I’m just wrong. If I’m right…”

Well, she soon finds out. The doctors want to put Nick into a coma to reduce some swelling in his brain. He convinces Angie to go and stay with Danny. When she gets home, she finds candles lit all around the place and then him. Patrick is waiting for her and he has her gun. It’s an interesting moment, the two of them reunited after almost two decades of running. He tells her that he won’t kill her, because he needs her to do him a favor. Before he tells her, he will be staying in her house. He says that he doesn’t believe she’ll kill him and if she runs away, he’ll kill Nick. Poor Angie. She’s a prisoner in her own home and on the verge of losing everything.

A temperamental houseguest
At Lynette’s, Eddie couldn’t be happier. He’s helping around the house and getting groceries for her. Then, Porter comes down and she asks him to put the laundry in the drier. He says no with some ‘tude, because he’s running off to the mall. Eddie tells him not to speak to Lynette that way, but he continues. Suddenly, Eddie is on top of him and Lynette has to grab his fist and force him off Porter. Hm, she may have just realized that she has taken on a project.

Later, Lynette goes to Eddie to talk. She tells him that she understands what it’s like to have an alcoholic mother. She had one, too. She tells him that she figured out how to manage the anger and shows him a breathing/counting technique that helped her. He agrees to try it and she tells him that while she appreciates that he cares, he can never lose it like he did with Porter that day.

When Tom comes home from a trip, he finds that Lynette hadn’t saved him any food and he’s starving. As he’s yelling at her, Eddie starts to count and breathe. When Lynette realizes Eddie is going to blow soon, she tries to calm Tom down. Tom is looking at this kid huffing and puffing and tells him to put a sock in it (which cracked me up). Lynette then diffused the situation by kissing Tom and showing Eddie that he loved her. This scene is too funny. Upstairs, Lynette tells Tom what happened with Porter and he wants Eddie out. She says she won’t send him back to his alcoholic (actually dead) mom. When she tells him they can either send him to counseling or be nice to her, Tom opts to pay for Eddie’s counseling.

After counseling, the doctor tells Lynette that Eddie has deep issues and it would help if he can get his mother to come in. While Eddie thinks (or knows) that’s not going to happen, Lynette tells the doctor that she’ll try. Later when Lynette goes over to Eddie’s house, his mother, Barbara, doesn’t answer the door. Then, the neighbor tells Lynette that she hasn’t seen her for days, even though her car has remained parked outside.

Money matters
Mike goes over to drop off his first loan payment to Carlos, but Gaby is home. They step outside and Mike tells him he has made some cutbacks on their budget and hopes to pay him back quicker. They agree to keep it from both of their wives.

When Carlos goes back inside, Gaby is waiting for him dressed in lingerie. Instantly, he knows she wants something and whatever it is he can’t afford it. He’s right. She wants them to buy a ski chalet in Aspen, but he makes it clear they can’t afford that.

When Mike gets home, he finds Susan sitting atop a new piano. He draws the curtains and wonders how much it cost. Susan says it’s free. Her dead aunt left it to her, but she wants to lie to Gaby and say that it costs $30,000. She really wants to get her jealous! Mike, of course, can’t have Carlos thinking they’re spending all that money and he forbids Susan from telling Gaby they bought it.

Gaby decides to visit her and Carlos’ business manager to find out what Carlos is doing with her chalet money. When he says he has been sworn to secrecy, she places his hand on her behind and threatens to tell Carlos he grabbed her booty. Under fear of death, he tells her that Carlos lent Mike $50,000. She’s shocked that Susan said nothing about their hardships.

So, Gaby decides to drop off some groceries at Susan’s under the guise of needing to unload her cupboards. While there, she sees the piano and Susan goes through with her plan to lie about buying it. Enraged, Gaby tells her that she owes her $50,000. Susan, who knew nothing about the loan, picks up the phone to tell Mike off when Gaby stops her and says she has an idea.

desperate housewives abc gaby carlos susan 'Desperate Housewives': Come home to roostThe girls cook up a dinner date and they tell Carlos that Susan actually bought the piano and that Mike doesn’t want her to tell anyone. She warns Carlos that he likes to tell people that she inherited it and that he should just play along. Of course, Carlos takes Mike aside to confront him and Mike indeed tells him about the inheritance. Carlos is shocked by what he thinks is a lie. Then the ladies split them up.

Gaby takes Mike into the kitchen and tells him that she thinks Carlos is having an affair, because they have $50,000 missing from their account. Susan tells Carlos in the dining room that Mike bought her $3,000 earrings.

When everyone is seated, Gaby accuses Carlos of looking at Susan’s breasts. He denies it and then she accuses them of having an affair. Susan then admits to sleeping with Carlos, so he’d loan Mike money. Just before Mike punches Carlos, the women come clean. Yada, yada, lessons learned all around. This was cute, but way too predictable. The ending with Susan and Mike alone was the payoff, though. He tells her about all his debt and she sits with his boxes full of bills. After he leaves her to sort through them, she tears up.

He’s a complicated boy
While Bree and Sam are shopp
ing for groceries, a woman who works at the market recognizes Sam. He makes some excuse and walks away. When Bree follows him to ask him to pick up something, she sees him arguing with the clerk. She says something about needing to find a job after losing hers. Sam tells Bree that she was just someone he knew and then hurries Bree out of the market. It’s clear, though, that Bree saw enough to make her curious.

Bree returns to the supermarket and approaches the woman. She’s cold at first and says she knows who Bree is. Bree inquires about her and Sam’s charged conversation. She admits to Bree that she’s not Sam’s friend, she’s Sam’s mother. What?! She’s supposed to be dead!

They sit down to talk and Sam’s mom tells Bree that she knows Sam tells people she’s dead. She then tells Bree that Rex wrote her a letter soon after he started his practice. He believed he could give Sam a better life than her and he asked for full custody. She turned him down. A few months ago, Sam found the letter and he was livid. Still, Bree wondered how he could lie about his mother being dead. She replied, “He’s a complicated boy.” I don’t know if I’d call him “complicated.” I’d probably use the word “insane.”

When Bree tells Orson about Sam’s mother, he gloats for a bit. She tells him that it felt like she had a bit of Rex back with Sam, but now she remembers that Rex was a liar. When Sam arrives, Bree confronts him. He freaks out on her and sends a glass vase flying. Oh my, there are lots of scary men in Fairview right now.

Later, Andrew comes over and he makes amends with Bree. They decide to get rid of him, but Bree admits she has a reason to be scared of him.

How do you think they’ll get rid of Sam? What do you think Patrick has in store for Bree?

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