julie benz dana delany kissing desperate housewives 'Desperate Housewives': Dana Delany hooks up with Julie Benz, Nathan Fillion approvesLast Sunday (Feb. 21), Wisteria Lane resident Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) shared a kiss with reforming stripper Robin (Julie Benz) on “Desperate Housewives.” And according to Delany it couldn’t have been more routine.

“In the end, kissing is kissing,” Delany tells Zap2it after shooting her first two episodes with Benz.. “It’s just a pair of lips. Not that weird.”

Once the five-year time jump is factored in, Katherine has had a rough time of it what with her ill-fated relationship with Mike Delfino, stabbing herself and having a stint at a mental hospital. She could use a change of pace and Robin fits the bill.

“For Katherine, this odd girl is vulnerable, and it matches her vulnerability,” Delaney says.

“It’s interesting. I know a lot of women in midlife who have gone through this, when a marriage didn’t work out, and you question, ‘Where am I going to be happy?’ Your priorities change in midlife. Katherine’s looking for an emotional connection, and it just happens to be with this odd coupling. They are an odd couple. So I’m just curious to see where they take it.”

Noting that “Family Ties” actress Meredith Baxter coming out at the end of last year definitely influenced the storyline, Delany says that she also has a friend whose mother left her husband for another woman, had a lesbian relationship and ultimately went back to men.

“I think [the show is] trying to be responsible about it. It’s not a ratings stunt at all. They’re really trying to look at what it is.”

Not to say they can’t have fun with it as well. It is “Desperate Housewives” after all.

“I’d like to reprise my role and walk in on them,” jokes Nathan Fillion, who previously played Katherine’s younger husband, Adam (and can be see reuniting with Delany for a two-part “Castle” in March).

“‘Honey, I missed you so much … what??'”

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