Dana-Delany-Desperate-Housewives-ABC-Spirit-awards-Main.jpgDesperate Housewives” fans have been abuzz this week with the news that producers approached Dana Delany for a new pilot. Yesterday, the star confirmed that she’s indeed in talks for a new show.

“I’m in negotiations for a new pilot with ABC,” she told USA Today at the Independent Spirit Awards Friday (March 5). “It’s kind of like networks are the old studio system. Once they have a stable of actors, they don’t want them to go to other networks. So, they try to find something else for them.”

Doesn’t it sound like Delany has already informed ABC that she’s looking for other opportunities?

Granted, her character has been absent for much of the last several weeks on “Desperate Housewives” and that must play tricks with an actress with a pedigree such as Delany’s. She has appeared on Broadway and she’s a two-time Emmy winner for “China Beach.”

On the flipside, her steamy storyline with “Dexter’s” Julie Benz has just begun and it’s definitely grabbing headlines. Maybe, that’s not enough.

We reported earlier this week that the producers of “Body of Evidence,” an ABC medical drama, had approached Delany about playing the lead. While it sounds like shooting the new pilot wouldn’t take her away from Wisteria Lane, the story changes if ABC picks it up.

If the pilot is picked up, Delany says the decision to leave won’t be easy.

“You never know,” she says. “It’s always a gamble because ‘Housewives’ is such a popular show. It’s a top 10 hit and I love doing it, so I’ll miss it terribly.”

Do you think Delany should move on to a new series or should ABC find some way to keep her on Wisteria Lane?

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