nicolette-sheridan-marc-cherry-eva-longoria-parker.jpgThere has definitely been a lot of debate as to the validity of Nicollette Sheridan’s $20 million suit against “Desperate Housewives” exec producer Marc Cherry alleging that he attacked her.

Now, costar Eva Longoria-Parker has broken the silence among the cast and a report says that the housewives are on Sheridan’s side, but they’re keeping that on the down low.

]]>Us Magazine. “I guess it was a couple years ago. It’s so long ago, the actual incident, and I wasn’t on set when it happened. Apparently, this incident had happened, and she felt it was wrong.” While the star says “nobody’s allowed to talk about it,” she added, “Something happened on set regarding them doing a scene. She was doing a scene, and … he was showing her how to do a scene. Honestly, I wish I knew [what happened]. During that time too, I didn’t work with Nicollette’s character.” Longoria-Parker says that Cherry “could not harm a fly, he’s just so sweet,” then said, “Nicollette’s a sweet girl, too.” While Longoria-Parker seems impartial in her public statements, a New York Daily News source says that the housewives are secretly siding with Sheridan. “They’re all silently behind her,” a source close to the cast tells the site. “But the actresses on the show enjoy the fame and success that Marc has created for them.” The source adds, “It’s unlikely that anyone will step forward to support Nicollette – their characters are all still alive on the show, and they have a lot more to lose than she does.” Sheridan’s case also cites that costar Teri Hatcher had filed a complaint against Cherry with ABC, as well. So far, Hatcher has declined to comment. According to the source, she’s staying mum about any run-ins with her boss. “Sometimes Teri doesn’t appreciate Marc’s ‘humor,'” says the source. “But that doesn’t mean she’s going to get involved with this mess anytime soon.” At any rate, the cast will be deposed on what they know about Cherry’s behavior on-set at some point and it will all come out in the wash. Do you believe the cast sides with Nicollette? Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter, @TheRealJethro on Twitter, and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. More Nicollette Sheridan dish: Nicollette Sheridan’s rep says Marc Cherry’s behavior was ‘abusive and appalling’
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