Desperate-Housewives-Eva-Longoria-Ellen-Degeneres.jpgEarlier this week, Zap2it reported that Eva Longoria-Parker spoke out on former costar Nicollette Sheridan’s lawsuit against “Desperate Housewives” exec producer Marc Cherry.

In an interview airing Monday, April 12 on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the actress is making sure her statements are clear.

]]>People. “Marc’s really nice, and Nicollette’s a nice girl, too.” The actress says that she and her cast mates are trying to stay out of it and that they want to “protect our set and protect our work because we love it. We love going to work every day.” Previously, Longoria-Parker said on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show that she was very confused by the whole suit and that both Sheridan and Cherry are nice people. She also confirmed that something did occur about two years ago. “They did have a thing on set,” the actress told Seacrest. “I guess it was a couple years ago. It’s so long ago, the actual incident, and I wasn’t on set when it happened. Apparently, this incident had happened, and she felt it was wrong.” Do you think Sheridan’s case holds any water? Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter, @TheRealJethro on Twitter, and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celebrity news and buzz. More Nicollette Sheridan dish: Eva Longoria-Parker speaks out on Nicollette Sheridan vs. Marc Cherry
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