John-Barrowman-BBC-Torchwood-320.jpgIn recent weeks, “Desperate Housewives” has made some headline grabbing guest castings, including Heidi Klum, Paulina Porizkova, and Julie Benz. For us, though, the most exciting casting news was the show’s announcement that they nabbed John Barrowman.

As Jack Harkness, BBC America viewers are well-acquainted with the man behind the sci-fi shows “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood.” We’re surprised (and delighted) that our readers also remembered him as the ruthless villain Peter Williams on the short-lived NBC show, “Titans.” In our opinion, Barrowman is a force of nature.

So, when Zap2it spoke to executive producer Bob Daily, we couldn’t help but ask about the impending Angie/Gaby showdown and the damage Barrowman will create when he hits The Lane.

Warning: Spoilers!

Angie has a hard time keeping it together. In the last episode Gabrielle and Carlos overheard the Bolens arguing and now they know something is going on. Where is that going to lead?
[Gaby] is going to get into it. We have an episode coming up, uh, where, lets just say, Gaby and Angie take an involuntary road trip together where Gaby gets a little more pieces of the puzzle and sort of get a better understanding of what Angie is going through. I think the audience, by the end of the episode, will know a little bit more about what’s going on with the Bolen Family. That’s happening in March, so yes Gaby is going to get drawn into this a little bit more.

[Note: For more details on Gaby and Angie’s road trip, check out Korbi TV’s article, ‘Desperate Housewives’: You Ask, I Answer]

The Housewives are never better than when they’re snooping on each other.
Yeah, exactly. That’s the underlying theme of the show.

Awesome news about “Torchwood’s” John Barrowman guest starring. We already know he’s playing this season’s “big bad.” Can you talk about how he’s going to impact the story a little more than we’ve heard so far?
Yes, very excited. Well, we’ve alluded in the show a couple times to [Patrick], a mysterious man in Angie’s past. She has sort of alluded that she’s not just running from the law, but from a man from her past who is even scarier to her than the law. And that’s John Barrowman. That’s the character he’s going to be playing. He’s going to be showing up on Wisteria Lane and he’ll be affecting not just Angie’s life, but he’ll be affecting the lives of some of the other women, as well, as the mystery speeds to its conclusion in the last four-five episodes.

Reports say Marc Cherry has been looking for a while for the right role for Barrowman. Is that true and can you tell me about that process?
Marc was a big fan of “Torchwood.” It was just a case of him saying, this guy is fantastic, we have to find a part for him. We actually fairly quickly came up for the idea for this one and, luckily for us, he was not only available, but he was a big fan of the show. As those things go and they can be very tricky sometimes, this one went really smoothly. People will be seeing him in episode 19, which I believe is sometime in April, I think.

Tomorrow: Bob Daily explains why they killed off Karl! Also, we explore Bree’s future. You won’t want to miss it!

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