Richard-Burgi-Marcia-Cross-Bree-Karl-ABC-Desperate-Housewives-320.jpgIt was a shock to fans when “Desperate Housewives” killed Richard Burgi’s Karl Mayer. Susan’s ex and the man who reignited Bree’s sexual fire died in this season’s disastrous plane crash on Wisteria Lane.

When Zap2it posted Teri Hatcher’s response to Karl’s death and Korbi TV’s talk with Marcia Cross about Bree’s unexpressed feelings, our readers commented in droves.

So when we spoke to executive producer Bob Daily, we had to find out why they killed Karl and the path his death has set Bree on.

Warning: Spoilers!

Our readers would hate us if we didn’t ask you this. Can you talk about the thought process of either killing Karl or Orson in the plane crash?
That was a very difficult position, because we loved Richard Burgi. Everybody in the show from the writers down to the Kraft services people loved Richard Burgi. He was just a favorite of everybody, so that was a really tough decision. I think Marc felt like that relationship with Bree and Karl was really fun, but it was so uncharacteristic for Bree that I think the feeling was to keep that going would have been difficult and would have transformed Bree’s character in a way. I think audiences like to see characters change a little, but I really think they want them to return to who they are. While that was a great moment for Bree, having that sort of unbridled sexual relationship with a guy she had nothing in common with, we felt at the end of the day, she needed to go back to being Bree. It was going to be tough to do that with Karl.

Bree hasn’t really expressed her sense of loss for Karl. At some point, will she just have a breakdown over him?
I think there’s an opportunity there. That’s a good question. I think there’s an opportunity for that maybe down the road. Yeah, we’ve been through a lot this year. I think we need to find a way to express that for her. I think Marcia [Cross] would be into doing that. I think we’ll look for a way that she could express that.

Bree turned a corner with Orson in the last episode. Can we expect to see them together for a while?
Yes. I think we’re looking to see them certainly through the spring and maybe some surprises at the end of the year.

What else does Bree have on the horizon? Anything with Andrew?
Yes. As a matter of fact, he’s in an arc coming up. Starting in March, he’ll be in for a number of episodes. He’s working for Bree and it’s sort of a little bit of a battle between Andrew and Bree over that company. It starts out professionally and quickly becomes personal. Andrew and Bree are always best when they’re fighting.

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