Carlos-Gabrielle-Desperate-Housewives-320.jpgOn “Desperate Housewives,” we learn there’s always a reason for the insanity.

Susan strips

Turns out Karl had withheld some finances from Susan and his will evens the score. She inherits his share of a strip club. Did anyone else hear Karl laughing from beyond? When Susan goes there to sell her share, a stripper tells her that Mike has been there. Later, we find out that Mike is the club’s plumber and sometimes hangs around after jobs. When Susan forbids Mike from going to the club again, he refuses to allow her to tell him what to do. Later, Mike gets called to the club for an “emergency.” When the owner says they never called, Mike looks onstage and sees Susan stripping.  Obviously he tries to stop her, but she continues to let it rip, including a pretty impressive pole trick, until he promises to never come back. Point made.

Lynette lets it all out
After saving Cecilia from the plane crash, Gabrielle and Carlos have forgiven Lynette for pregger-gate. When they get around to talking about Lynette’s replacement while she’s on pregnancy leave, Tom offers himself and Carlos bites. Soon, Tom is coming home talking about his amazing day and Carlos’ compliments on his work. In typical Lynette fashion, she gets competitive and jealous. It wasn’t shocking that she went to Carlos to make sure she would get her job back. She has undermined Tom’s career before. What was surprising was that Tom had told Carlos that Lynette would be staying home with the baby. When she confronts him, he tells her that’s what he thought she’d want to do. They end up arguing, because Lynette hasn’t talked about the baby they lost and Tom thinks it would he healthier if she did. That’s when Lynette lets him know her thoughts on how horrible life will be without the baby and the many constant reminders there will be of its absence. He recoils from her sudden burst of emotion and leaves it alone for now…

Bree seeks forgiveness
After Bree confesses her affair to the church reverend, he tells her that she can repent for her sins by staying with Orson and taking care of him in his paralyzed state. When she informs Orson that she’d like him to move back home, he’s understandably still angry over her affair with Karl. He says he’s moving on with the divorce. Later, she discovers that he has been released from the hospital and decides to rent from Mrs. McCluskey. Bree lets them both know that she will fight the divorce and neither one of them will see a penny for years. Mrs. McCluskey, the realist that she is, sends Orson home with Bree. One night at dinner, Orson tells Bree that the reverend came to visit and he told Orson how he convinced Bree to take care of him. After he realizes how important it is to her that she repent for her sins, Orson turns on the mean. We all know he’s great at taking advantage of Bree’s weaknesses.

Gabrielle is Mexican
During their private school interview, the headmaster tells Gaby and Carlos that he would love some diversity in the school. Juanita blurts out that she didn’t know they were Mexican, embarrassing her parents and threatening her acceptance at the school. After the incident, Carlos realizes that public school may help expose the girls to Mexican culture. Of course, Gaby is totally against it. Later, Gaby finds a box of pictures from when she was a child. When Carlos joins her, she admits that she hated growing up poor and Mexican. She wanted to shield the girls from all that. After Carlos delivers a heartfelt speech about how hard Gaby’s father worked to give her a better life, she agrees that it would be good to let the girls in on their Mexican roots.

Ana sees an opening
After Julie gets her inheritance from Karl’s will, she decides to leave town until her strangler is captured. Ana, Carlos’ niece, sees an opportunity in Julie’s departure to capture the attention of Danny Bolen. After Julie confirms that Ana isn’t looking to hurt him, she helps them get together.

Other thoughts and tidbits:

  • As Carlos and Gaby wonder how Juanita could have no idea she’s Mexican, they look upon the highly idyllic Caucasian Wisteria Lane. Hilarious.
  • Another powerhouse scene for Felicity Huffman when Lynette unleashes on Tom over her feelings about the lost twin baby.
  • Carlos’ “strong Mexican man” speech at the end was a bit heavy handed in my opinion.

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