desperate-housewives-abc-recap-john-barrymore.jpgIn this episode of “Desperate Housewives,” the housewives’ biggest enemies are too close for comfort.

Family reunion
Bree breaks the truth to Andrew that Sam is his half-brother and he’s clearly unhappy about the announcement. Danielle will be flying in to meet Sam, as well. Orson understands why the kids should make a connection, but he wonders why Bree has become so invested. She says she’s embarrassed that Rex would hide Sam and she’ll do whatever she can to make him feel like a Van der Kamp now. Unbeknownst to her, Sam is eavesdropping from the hall. Scary.

At the family dinner later, Bree’s gushing over Sam doesn’t sit well with Andrew. After dinner, Sam performs on Rex’s guitar and Bree offers it to him. Andrew quickly objects, saying he wants it and took guitar lessons when he was younger. Bree challenges him to play and it’s a sad, sad attempt at playing the instrument. Bree insists that he give it to Sam. Andrew offers to split it with him, and then he literally does it, breaking the guitar into pieces. It’s clear Andrew hasn’t worked on his anger management issues.

Orson then overhears Sam talking to Bree about Rex and she begins crying. She says she misses him and Orson isn’t about to let those feelings develop further. Afterward, Orson goes outside to speak to Andrew. They decide that there is something strange about Sam and it’s time Andrew looked into it.

Preston is movin’ on
Lynette walks into the room Irina is sleeping in and finds Preston. Obviously, they had been having sex under her roof- something she has banned. Irina tells Lynette that she only disapproves so much, because she doesn’t like Irina.

Later, Preston and Irina tell Lynette and Tom that they’re getting their own apartment. Tom objects, but, surprisingly, Lynette says it’s OK. She later tells Tom that she expects them to have the same problem they had when they moved into their first place – lots of fighting. Um, but didn’t they obviously get married any way? Lynette’s plan backfires when Preston tells them that he has found a place – a 3-bedroom apartment! And how will he afford the new digs? Preston announces he’s leaving college to work at some meatpacking plant. Of course, Lynette loses it and tells him he’s not in love with Irina and that he’s blinded by her looks. Irina then decides to throw a pot of borscht in Lynette’s face!

Afterward, Irina then tells her that she has convinced Preston to move up the wedding from 6 months away to a week away. Even though Lynette begs her not to do it, Irina won’t change her mind.

Katherine is out
At Katherine’s place, she’s still in sexual bliss with Robin. Karen’s operation to remove her tumor has gone well and they’re throwing her a party. When Robin mentions them going together, Katherine says that maybe they shouldn’t go as a couple. Ouch.

At the cancer party, Katherine and Robin show up as “roommates.” When Tom sees Katherine, he tells her that Karen’s doctor has a thing for Katherine. He introduces them, but Robin interrupts when she sees the meeting going too well. Then, Karen asks that the guests pause for a moment of silence for those that didn’t survive their bout with cancer. It isn’t so quiet, though, as Katherine and Robin argue outside and basically out themselves in front of the whole neighborhood.

The next day, Katherine runs into Karen and tells her how embarrassed she is over what happened at the party. Karen tells her that if she’s really into Robin, she should just get over what the neighbors think.

Then, there’s a strange turn of affairs. Robin comes home to her bags packed and it seems as if Katherine is kicking her to the curb. It turns out, she wants to go away with her. She’s not sure she can handle the neighborhood thinking she’s nuts again, so she wants to go away and try to figure out their relationship far from Wisteria Lane.

Winning can be sweet
At MJ’s and Juanita’s school, it’s time for the annual chocolate bar sale. When Susan sees MJ sulking, he tells her that he’s not picking up candy, because he never wins. Susan promises him that this time he will. Oy. Later, Sue tells Mike why she takes it so personally. When she was little, she lost a double dutch competition and it has haunted her all these years. Oh, boy.

Later, Gaby brings Juanita to the girls’ poker night to sell some chocolate bars and Susan tells her that the women have already bought some from MJ. After Susan tells Gaby about MJ’s self-confidence problem, Gaby doesn’t care. She says Juanita needs friends and winning the contest may get her some.

When they discover they’re both selling chocolate at Karen’s party, the two declare war. When Susan is driving the next day, she sees Gaby selling her chocolate (while dressed like a hooker) to construction workers! Later, Gaby runs up to the supermarket to find Sue and MJ selling chocolate. Nothing wrong with that right? Not until I saw that Susan had MJ in a wheelchair! Hah. That’s horrible, Susan!

Susan then goes even further when she finds out that Juanita is ahead of MJ on the last day of selling. So, what does Susan do? She plants her cell phone in Juanita’s bag and then gives her detention. That’s low, but Gaby matches her. After she hears what Susan has done, Gaby takes MJ hostage! So funny! I love how they then work out an exchange of the kids!

While they’re waiting, Juanita admits that she just wants to make her mom proud of her. She thinks she’s disappointing Gaby, because she has no friends. Susan reconsiders the lesson she’s teaching MJ and they throw the contest, so Juanita can win.

Angie’s worst nightmare
When Angie enters the living room, she throws a gun into Nick’s lap. She says she’d rather he shoot her than continue his silent treatment over her telling her mother that Danny isn’t his son. He tells her that he is Danny’s dad and always has been.

Then, Patrick Logan (played by “Torchwood’s” John Barrowman) makes his appearance and what an appearance it is. Last week, one of Angie’s mother’s neighbors called him with information on Angie’s whereabouts. When Patrick shows up at the woman’s house, he’s sweet at first. But then, the woman begins to ask about his intentions. He then breaks her window, opens one side to make it seem like someone broke in and, apparently, goes to strangle her. Now, that’s an entrance.

Later on Wisteria Lane, Danny makes his way to his car and Patrick Logan watches him get in.

What’d you think of John Barrowman’s first turn on the Lane?

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