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Up until this season, 15-year-old Josh Moore played Lynette’s good son on “Desperate Housewives,” Parker Scavo. That was by order of Felicity Huffman herself.
“The script called for me to roll my eyes in a scene and she was like ‘Whoa, what was that little eye roll right there?'” Moore tells Zap2it
He continues, “Then she turned around to the writers and was like, ‘He can’t do that. Lynette already has the twins against her. We have to have at least one good kid here.’ So, from then on Parker was the mama’s boy.”
Well, Moore tells us that times – they are a-changing. This season, he gets to explore Parker’s rebellious side. “He’s breaking out of his shell a little bit,” he says. “He is progressing as a rebellious teenager, as he should be. So hopefully that leads to bigger more crazy story lines.” (Hint: Parker is getting into the gals…)
Not that Lynette doesn’t already have enough drama on her hands with new housewife, Renee (played by Vanessa Williams). “We know she’s up to no good,” he tells us. “She’s a little bit sneaky. Something about her character is not right.” Ah, music to our ears…
Don’t look now, but we think Moore is worth keeping an eye on. Before he landed the ABC gig, the Austin native’s first film role landed him in Clint Eastwood’s “Changeling,” which starred Angelina Jolie. And we believe there’s more to come for the young star. 
Get to know Josh Moore:

desperate housewives josh moore 2 'Desperate Housewives' Josh Moore: Lynette's losing her mama's boy

Best advice a coworker gave you?
“Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes. Everybody does it. You’re going to be doing it for the rest of your life.” – Doug Savant, who plays Parker’s dad, Tom Scavo, when Moore was worrying about flubbing a line on a particularly long shoot day.
Best compliment someone can pay you?
Whenever you get a big laugh from the crew on any of your lines. That’s really the biggest compliment from the crew because they are going to see that sixty-two times that day. So, knowing you got a laugh the first time is really good. It’s always cool when that happens.
What advice could you give to young aspiring actors?
It’s really all about determination… No matter how long it takes, if this is what you love, if this is what you want to do, you have to do it. You have no other choice.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Dramatic roles — whether its television, theater, or film. Larger dramatic roles, leads, that what’s I’m really into doing.
Which actors do you look up to?
Terrence Howard, Donald Sutherland and Kevin Spacey.

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