maclachlan-cross-dh-320.jpgSix seasons in, “Desperate Housewives” is still doing its thing on Sunday night and doing it well. We just recently sat down with the one and only Marcia Cross to talk about Bree’s affair with Karl (Richard Burgi), losing him and being back with Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) so quickly.

Because we haven’t really seen Bree mourn Karl, whom she seemed so in love with, I asked Marcia if she thought Bree was simply over it.

She said she doesn’t feel as though anyone could just get over something like that, but she isn’t sure if the writers intend to put Bree’s grief on display: “I don’t know whether they’ll take time to explore that on camera… maybe I’ll put a little bug in their ear about it. Yeah. Time for a little Burgi to show up as a ghost!”

Of course that would complicate her situation even further, now that Bree’s sort of stuck playing Stepford wife/nurse maid to Orson, who’s currently confined to a wheelchair.

“She has to [take care of Orson] because the Reverend said it was the right thing to do… she sinned [in having the affair with Karl]. 

So how does Marcia feel about Bree being back with her husband who seemed to be in danger of getting ousted for awhile there?

“I love working with Kyle. He is like my TV husband… we really, you know, feel right together and have been at this for a long time. But I had a blast working with Burgi, just because I got to do things that I don’t generally get to do. And that’s always fun as an actor. And [Burgi] was a great person to do that with and I would have kept the thing going longer but I don’t know that [show creator] Marc Cherry could actually stand it in the sense that [he thinks of me as] playing his mother and his mother was having this affair, maybe it was just all too much!”

What do you think?

Was it all too much?

Or are you already missing “Burgi” as Marcia so affectionately calls him?

Thoughts on Bree being back with Orson?

Listen in as Marcia says a little more on the subject…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh