" tonight, with plenty of action along with a healthy dose of humor to lighten things up. Keep it up, Marc!

At long last, we discover Dave's murder plan. It's…not as foolproof as one would expect, for a plan that's been in the making for years. Once he, Mike, and Katherine are out in the woods, he'll send his guests on a hike, follow them, shoot Katherine, and blame it on illegal poachers. Giant flaw: You don't really get more than one shot, do you? I mean, it's not like poachers would accidentally send a spray of bullets her way. And Dave's one shot is interrupted by Edie, who's read the faxed article pointing out Mike as the driver in the accident. (Note: Does anyone really have a fax machine that uses fax-specific paper these days?) She texts Dave: "I know everything, come home now," and the noise startles him and makes him miss his shot.

Poor guy just can't catch a break, can he? Everyone heads home, where Edie learns a valuable lesson about how to deal with one's murderous husband. What not to do: Get drunk, confront him alone, call him a freak, and try to call his victim to explain everything. I'm not saying she asked to be strangled half to death, of course…that one's on Dave. I'm just saying she didn't do a lot to prevent it. Driving away, she swerves to avoid a burgling Orson (yeah, I'll get to that) and hits a telephone pole, electrocuting herself. Is she dead? Alive? It's a total mystery. Unless you saw the previews for next week. Or read the many spoilers.

So…Orson. Wow. It comes out in therapy that he steals to hurt Bree, who's emasculated him, saving her passion for the company. Kyle MacLachlan is pretty great in the therapy scene, but that doesn't prevent me from wanting to emasculate Orson myself later on when he tries to pressure her into selling the company: "Her sole ambition now is to be Mrs. Orson Hodge…I'm glad I'll be the only one she's cooking for." Those two can't come up with a happy medium between castrating career woman and barefoot (well, high-heeled) in the kitchen?

Bree's speech about practicing what she preaches makes sense, but so does Andrew's point that if Orson loves her, he should want her to do what makes her happy! And for Orson to stomp all over that, blackmailing her with threats of more theft, well…good for Bree in deciding not to sell. Unfortunately, this pushes Orson into breaking-and-entering territory, and he gets clobbered by an old lady on his first attempt, staggering into the street and pulling off his ski mask just in time for Edie to hit a pole swerving around him. And he just runs away, continuing his winning streak tonight.

In less heavy news, Lucy, Carlos's ex, is a total slave driver. Awful. And neither Gaby or Lynette is taking it well. Though I gotta say, if it's between a couple hours sleep and sex…well…maybe Gaby needs to be more understanding toward Carlos. Especially since she practically forced him into taking the job. But she's realizing that they're slipping back into past patterns – ones that didn't end well for them. (I loved the scene where Gaby tried to seduce Carlos with sex on the kitchen table, "like old times," before realizing it wasn't sex with Carlos she was remembering).  Lynette is the hero of the day, however, using the Solis children to orchestrate Lucy's ouster. And that whole blow up scene was awesome. Good work, Lynette.

Karl has enrolled his son in Susan's school. And the kid is probably going to grow up to be a serial killer, based on his drawings. That said, I don't think she needed to drag the situation to the principal's office on the poor kid's first day. Especially since it turns out his mom left them a few weeks ago, and the drawings are of his mom getting stabbed. Anger issues? Yes. Fair? Also yes.

What do you think of Dave's big plan? Is anyone on Orson's side? Were you hoping Lucy would stick around longer? Was Tom and Gaby's "girl talk" the cutest thing ever?

Posted by:Liz Pardue