Marciacross_desperatehousewives_s4_Tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives was relatively uneventful. And to be honest, the eventful parts were a little annoying. Must we plunge so quickly into past bad habits? Lynette gets into an embarrassing predicament while trying to be a good mom, Gabby pushes the boundaries of acceptable social behavior, Susan is Susan…very predictable stuff. (The usual spoilers ahead…)

Susan’s current flame, Jack, finally meets Mike. A too-short robe is involved, but I think we can all count ourselves lucky that it didn’t involve a naked Susan pratfall. Mike insists upon checking Jack out further, which apparently translates into giving Jack sex tips while they’re out grabbing a drink. So…ears are Susan’s "secret turn-on"? That’s really not unusual enough to be secret. At all. She’s upset, but winds up letting them continue to hang out. Whatever.

Carlos is apparently giving massages these days, which seems rather out of nowhere to me. Gabby insists that he take a better massage job at the country club, which immediately leads to he and Gabby being labeled as "staff" and uninvited to the big opening party of the social season. And, of course, Gabby decides to crash the party with Carlos. And of course they get kicked out. The words "poor blind bastard" make me laugh a little, though (shut up, I’m totally a good person).

Lynette, in a plot that’s perhaps as inevitable as the world is round, has taken to spying on her kids via a social networking website, pretending to be another high schooler. And, of course, one of the twins falls in love with her and tries to seduce her with her own poetry books. EW. Best line from Tom: "Are you going to tell him the truth now, or are you going to wait until he kills me and blinds himself?" Ha! She winds up getting busted while trying to "break up" with the twin, and probably damages her relationship with him forever. Worst mom ever?

Bree’s book is ready to go to print, but Orson is upset that it’ll be by "Bree Van De Kamp" rather than "Bree Hodge." Bree is…less than sympathetic, going so far as to pretend he doesn’t exist on a radio show, presumably ashamed of his jail time. He’s rather upset, since she insisted he go to jail in the first place. But he gets his sweet revenge when he forces her to make him an angry meatloaf of bitterness after she promises him one and fails to come home from catering in time to follow through. Yeah.

Nicollettesheridan_desperatehousewi Edie’s husband Dave is trying hard to be a good neighbor, despite Edie’s desire to skip town due to neighborly hostility from Mrs. McCluskey. Dave almost certainly kidnaps Mrs. McCluskey’s cat until she’s willing to apologize to Edie. Evil! But Mrs. McCluskey isn’t a good enemy to make – she sets about doing some research on Dave’s past. I’m assuming said research will have shocking consequences. Shocking!

What did you think about tonight’s episode? Are you interested in this season’s mystery?

Posted by:Liz Pardue