desperate housewives brian austin green marcia cross orson 320 'Desperate Housewives' preview: Brian Austin Green talks Orson's return

Kyle MacLachlan reprises his role as Bree’s ex, Orson, on Sunday’s (Jan. 2) episode of “Desperate Housewives” and we’re interested to see what goes down between him and Bree’s (Marcia Cross) new beau, Brian Austin Green as Keith. 
“All I can tell you is that it’s a good story coming up,” Green, 37, tells Zap2it. “Orson comes back for a bit. Kyle’s great. We have some Bree-Keith-Orson activities.”
Green is being pretty tightlipped about what that actual storyline is, but he says one of his favorite scenes so far on the show is an upcoming one with Orson and that the mix of the three characters could be both fun and strange for fans.  
“It’s an odd sort of mixture of characters,” he says. “Bree and Orson are so specific. There’s something so elegant and cultured about the two of them. So, you put the three of them in a room and you now have Bree, who isn’t the same as she was with Orson, and you have Keith, who’s the exact opposite. It’s an interesting combination and it’s fun to watch.”

Watch a sneak peek of Orson’s return below:

Note: This video will expire on Jan. 3.

What twist do you think Orson will throw Keith’s way?
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