Oh, we’re loving the “Desperate Housewives” marketing campaign for Season 7. Why? It totally highlights the new housewife, Vanessa Williams, who dare we say looks even better than when she was playing Wilhelmina on the now canceled (but surely missed) “Ugly Betty.”
We already shared the amazing first photo of the new cast with Williams smack dab in the center. The promo above, though, is bananas (or is it apples?).
The other housewives and their families feel a change in the wind. The women stop everything, transform into vixens in red, then go to face the force of nature. And there she stands, looking uh-mazing: The new bruja in town, Williams.
Williams plays Renee, the new housewife on Wisteria, who knew Felicity Huffman’s Lynette from college. She may be licking her wounds from her crumbling marriage, but it sure doesn’t show. She’ll be picking fights with the other housewives in no time, especially when she mixes it up with Marcia Cross’ Bree and the new handyman played by Brian Austin Green.
How do you like the new girl?

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Video credit: ABC

Posted by:Jethro Nededog