desperate housewives s7 eva longoria 320 'Desperate Housewives' recap: Idaho? You Da Ho!In the awesomest storyline of the week, Paul goes looking for Zach, because it turns out the gun that shot him was in fact the same one Mary Alice used to shoot herself at the beginning of the show. Mike knows where their son is — as we learn, he was the accidental catalyst for the shooting itself — but hates Paul too much to tell him that Zach is a crazy drug addict now (albeit in that TV way where his hair still looks fabulous). By episode’s end, the two men have arrived at Zach’s place, presumably to talk him into rehab.

Second-best, of course, goes to Gabrielle, who does more tricks than a circus pony trying to get out of having to actually talk in therapy — per their agreement, after she nearly got herself and Carlos killed for pretending her doll was a baby, that she will stop being insane. Of course, the Grace/Princess Valerie storyline takes a hard left into Gabrielle’s childhood, which even Gabi understands is about protecting children in the ways she was not protected. Touching stuff — and handled elegantly, especially for this show — and of course Eva Longoria knocks it out the park. I’m actually pretty impressed with the way they got us here, which is all the more impressive considering it involved magical talking doll ladies.

Bree continues to hide the facts about Keith’s son Charlie, paying off his mom and even getting roped into some babysitting. Of course Keith meets Charlie in the most contrived way possible, and they instantly bond, which means nothing to Keith and everything to Bree, so she finally tells him who that little boy actually was.

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