desperate housewives cast 'Desperate Housewives' recap: Miss Skellington Lives For A DayWow. Take out the usual gay jokes and racist asides, and you have probably the best episode I’ve seen since this assignment started. People that act like actual people! Renee convincingly becoming slightly human! Bree getting actual good advice from her pastor! Gabi finding her child satisfactory! Susan being… Not so bad! I hope they continue to use real people writers in future, instead of those nasty old gay robots that usually write this show.

So you’ve got Gabrielle in a face-off with the Gays over their children’s extracurriculars: Their Jenny is learning the violin, whereas Juanita is still on the armpit-music stage of the comedy career that will eventually deliver her from her mother and into the loving arms of drug addiction. Realizing moments before the Big Show that Juanita can’t tap-dance for s***, Gabi sabotages her… Only to realize, thanks to the Magical Gays, that parenting consists of actually encouraging your child and permitting mistakes and generally acting like a person. So at the last second she sits everybody back down, “finds” Juanita’s shoes, and experiences actual joy, finally, at the total awesomeness of Juanita. It’s lovely.

Lynette’s Empty Nest issues in the wake of the Twins’ exit leaves Renee feeling a child-sized hole in her heart, so before she can adopt a kid (“Preferably a boy, in brown”) all willy-nilly, Lynette saddles her with Paige for the night. A few Scavo-type humiliations later, Renee has learned her lesson. But again, Lynette shows compassion for once and inducts Renee officially into her family.

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