desperate housewives truly content 'Desperate Housewives' recap: Truly ContentTom’s doctor prescribes him anti-anxiety medication, and Lynette doesn’t approve (of course), so she gets him sent to a naturopath, who prescribes medical marijuana. She swaps it out with oregano, and he still gets totally high and happy about staring at his baby girl, Paige. The moral of the story: Drugs aren’t necessary to be happy. All you need are Lynette and her platitudes. While he’s getting happy, Gaby’s getting sadder and sadder, as she starts Bob digging into finding the family that Juanita was swapped with. In the end, Bob calls the family and it gets “pretty intense.” Carlos finds out, and tells Gaby that if this goes badly and they take Juanita away, he’ll never forgive her, and they’ll be done. Ouch! 

And speaking of pain, Bree feels her own when she hits on Hot Handyman and then finds out he has a young and pretty girlfriend , Stephanie. She’s so desperate that she decides to take Renee up on her offer to go out and find some studs at the bar. After Renee sexes Bree up a little bit, they head out, and who do they see but Hot Handyman? Renee heads over to hit on him and the bartender tells Bree that Hot Handyman’s girlfriend broke up with him today. When Renee and Hot Handyman leave together, Bree obviously has no choice but to cause sprinkler damage and call Hot Handyman over in an emergency. She asks him on a date, and he accepts. The next day, Renee tells her it is so on. 

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