robin-desperate-housewives-abc-320.jpgThis episode of “Desperate Housewives” examines how Robin affects lives on The Lane as each woman’s storyline advances with their interaction with the ex-stripper.

The new lady on The Lane
Robin has caused quite on stir on The Lane with the guys (for the obvious reasons) and with the girls (again for obvious reasons). The guys are quite enthused by her stripper past, but some of the women think it’s not such a great idea. They doubt Susan should have brought her onto the lane, but especially doubt Susan should have her living at her home – and around Mike.

We then see how Robin’s presence affects each woman on Wisteria.

Peeping Parker
Lynette has discovered that 16-year-old Parker and his buddies have been watching Robin dress through the window. That’s nothing compared to what she finds out next, though. After confronting her, Robin tells Lynette that Parker asked her to have sex with him (for money). Boom! After Lynette and Tom confront him, they find out that his urge to merge is driven by peer pressure. It isn’t long, though, until Tom puts his foot in his mouth when he makes the point to Lynette that all men pay for sex in some way. To top it off, he mentions the ring he just gave her for their anniversary. Nice job, Tom. They later make up when she reminds him that the first time they had sex was not because he bought her an expensive dinner, but because he replaced the broken light in her hallway that day. Aw. Lusty Lynette then apologizes to Robin for making her feel bad for dressing in the window.

Bree tries out a new recipe for love
Robin visits Bree to ask her if she can teach her how to make a cake. She’d like to thank Susan and Mike for their hospitality. After baking it, Robin begins to get Bree to talk about her troubled relationship with Orson. Bree admits that they’ve drifted apart. Robin tells her she can bring back the lovin’ feeling with Orson by bringing sensuality back into their marriage. Later, Bree tests out the theory with a sensual strip for Orson that goes awry. In the end, Orson confesses he never thought Bree would find him attractive again. She says she wants to find intimacy again and she ends up cuddling with him as Tchaikovsky plays.

Gabrielle sends Ana packing
Gaby and Carlos fear that Ana has gotten too close to Danny Bolen (especially after overhearing the Bolens’ fight last episode). Gaby hatches a plan to give Ana what she has wanted: a chance at modeling. Instead of jumping at the chance, Ana turns it down. Her and Danny have plans to go to New York City together, so she’d rather wait for him. Later, Gaby visits Susan and Robin overhears what’s going on with Ana. She tells them that she once had a chance at being a ballet dancer and passed on it for a boy. She later hurt her knee and the ballet career was over. Gaby decides that’s exactly the kind of story Ana needs to hear and dispatches Robin to tell her.

When Robin finds out she was part of Gaby’s plan to split her niece and Danny up, Robin isn’t happy about being used. She goes to speak to Danny. The next time we see him, he’s jumping into a cab carrying a duffel bag. Ah, boy chases girl?

Susan is a pain
Susan’s jealousy is starting to rear its ugly head. Mike has been having back problems and Robin has the magic back healing touch, sometimes with very little clothing on. The next time Mike complains of back pain, Susan decides to help him instead of Robin. He reluctantly agrees. Next thing we see is Mike in the hospital with a neck brace! When Robin asks Susan why she didn’t just wait for her, Susan admits she has been jealous of her. In the meantime, she refers to Robin being an ex-stripper several times. Really sensitive, Susan. In tears, Robin decides that if they’re to stay friends, she needs to move out. I think that would be a good idea, Robin.

Katherine considers other options
After Robin delivered some mail to Katherine, she suggests that Katherine let her move in. Katherine decides to do it. After bonding over loony bin and stripper war stories, the gals go for drinks. While out, two guys ask them to sit at their table. When the guys end up being pigs and insult Katherine, Robin kisses her to make a point that Katherine is desirable and they leave. Back at Katherine’s, Robin admits she’s a lesbian. The next day, as Robin walks by her into the house, it seems Katherine may be seeing Robin in a whole new way.

How do you feel about Julie Benz’s character Robin?

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