desperate housewives scott bakula marcia cross 'Desperate Housewives': Scott Bakula discusses Bree's murder case and the pre finale moodScott Bakula has been watching “Desperate Housewives” for most of it eight-season tenure on ABC, so he didn’t need a crash course in Wisteria Lane lore when he signed on to appear in the show’s final episodes.

He did, however, have to prove his knowledge to the crew.

“My wife and I have started watching it [at the beginning], and pretty much — we’ve missed a few, but basically I’ve been [a regular viewer],” Bakula tells Zap2it. “I got quizzed the first day when I showed up in the makeup trailer — I said I’ve been watching the show, and somebody said, ‘No you haven’t.’ I said, ‘No, I have.’ They said, ‘OK, we’re going to ask you a question: Who killed Carlos’ mother?’ I said, ‘You mean Lupe Ontiveros? I worked with her a long time ago.’ So I passed the test.”

Bakula made his first appearance in the April 1 episode as Trip Weston, the lawyer who’s defending Bree (Marcia Cross) as she faces trumped-up murder charges in the death of Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) stepfather. Trip will start to discover what’s behind the charges in Sunday’s (April 29) episode, Bakula says.

“When she comes in and lays out the case in his office, he’s basically like, who’s going to believe you killed anybody, lady? Really?” Bakula says with a laugh. “My guy is kind of a hotshot guy and likes to take impossible cases. This just seems too easy.”

But as he notes, few things on Wisteria Lane are what they seem. “Bree has a lot more that she’s been hiding, and a lot of secrets I wouldn’t have expected from her. I kind of made a judgment about who I thought she was in the initial episode, and it turns out she has a lot of skeletons. The nature of the trial proceeds in a way that she has to reveal some of her past to me, which is not necessarily pretty, and as you know that’s hard for Bree.”

Bree and Trip might also find themselves becoming a little more than client and attorney, Bakula says, despite two very different personalities. “We both admit we’re cut from different cloths,” he says. “We’re not really simpatico very much at all philosophically. So we have an uphill battle.”

Bakula will be in every episode through the May 13 series finale, and he says the mood on set in the final days of filming has been wistful, but everyone on the cast and crew are “in great spirits.”

“There’s good teamwork still going on, people care, it’s a lot of fun,” he says. “They’re in this home stretch, and sometimes you can be around a situation where people are just dying to get off the boat, you know? It doesn’t seem that way to me at all. … It’s pretty remarkable, and pretty great to be around it.”

Here’s a peek at Bakula and Cross together from Sunday’s “Desperate Housewives.” It airs at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Posted by:Rick Porter