Julie-Benz-Desperate-Housewives-Teri-Hatcher-ABC-320.jpgOn this episode of “Desperate Housewives,” we see many of our characters’ facades come tumbling down. In some cases, it’s refreshing. Others reveal an ugly side.

Can Bree love Orson again?
Lately, Orson has been actually acting happy and that worries Bree. After Bree stops him from giving all his possessions to the neighborhood men, we find out that Orson is planning to kill himself. I’m not necessarily against that idea, are you? Later, Bree discovers his suicide letter. Hmm, is this a setup? Of course, Bree tries to talk him out of it and then she forbids it. Nice way to handle the situation, B! I don’t see volunteering for a suicide hotline in Bree’s near future. She decides to bring some overly positive “handi-capable” guys around to counsel him. Of course, that backfires when Orson makes her admit that she loves him in front of the men and she can’t. Fail.

Bree decides to take Orson to a friends’ anniversary party and their speech about getting through the years touches her. She then sees Orson rolling himself over to the pool and she runs out to stop him from throwing himself in. She tells him that she may not love him, but she does want to recapture what they once had for one another. This is an interesting turn.

Susan picks up a stripper
Susan sells off her share of the strip club and runs into Robin (“Dexter’s” Julie Benz), a stripper with a yearnin’ for the learnin’. Susan tries to convince Robin that she doesn’t have to strip for a living. Later, she arrives at Susan’s house and tells her that she quit the strip club and that Susan is her role model. Looks like Susan has a new project on her hands. After seeing how well Robin handles MJ, Susan decides that she should get Robin a job as the assistant art teacher for her class. On her first day, one of the parents recognizes Robin from the club and Susan gets called to the principal’s office. He ends up firing Robin. Susan, in what I feel is a huge mistake, convinces Mike to let Robin move in. Uh oh.

Lynette scores a point in therapy
Lynette and Tom are going to therapy and Lynette feels the doc sides with Tom more than her. On their way out, Tom realizes he forgot his keys in the doctor’s office. When Tom returns to grab his forgotten keys, the doctor (played by “Frasier’s” Jane Leeves) invites him to a play she’s acting in. After seeing their doctor’s horrific acting, Lynette decides that she can no longer take advice from someone with so little self-reflection. She has a good point. Tom, though, thinks she has finally found a concrete reason to leave their therapist and she’s using it. He has a point, too.

At the next session and in the spirit of honesty, Lynette tells the therapist that she saw how awful she was in the play and she has lost confidence in her. Then, Tom lies and tells the therapist she was great. Lynette does an awesome job of telling him off and explaining to him why she always ends up being the bad guy. Points for Tom. He ends up apologizing to Lynette and then lets the therapist have it. She doesn’t take it well and it looks like that’s the last time they’ll be seeing her.

Angie loses it and Gabrielle is on to her
After a neighbor refuses to recycle, Angie does her best to convince her that she should sort her recyclables. Later, Gabrielle and Angie butt heads over Ana and Danny spending time alone in his room. Gabby has reason to be worried, in my opinion. She decides to buy condoms for Ana, but Carlos thinks that sends the wrong message. He tells Gabby that she needs to convince Ana to keep her legs closed or it’ll be Gabby who has to deal with the crying baby. How did he turn it back on Gabby?

Later, Gabby has come up with an absolutely awesome idea. She writes a huge check that would cover a year of modeling school in New York to Ana with one catch: She won’t sign it until she has graduated from high school without having had any further sex. That lasted about two hours before Carlos catches Danny and Ana going at it on his couch. As Carlos is shaking the sex out of Danny, Angie, who was outside sorting the neighbor’s recyclables without her knowing, sees what’s going down and breaks up Carlos and Danny. She then tells Carlos that if he touches her son again, he’s dead. On the way back to her house, the neighbor yells at Angie for attemping to sort her recyclables and Angie kicks her trashcans over. Way to blend in, Angie!

Gabby and Carlos go over to apologize to Angie later, but overhear her husband yelling at her for losing it earlier. They overhear him saying that she was going to blow it for all of them by losing it. Looks like Gabby has heard all she needs and is now on to Angie.

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