Teri-Hatcher-James-Denton.jpgTeri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and other “Desperate Housewives” cast members got together for one last block party BBQ on Wisteria Lane Saturday night (April 21). While the occasion was a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis, the looming series finale hung heavy in the otherwise jubilant air.

The iconic neighborhood set at Universal Studios was set up for a block party and concert, and several “DH” homes were open for guests and stars alike. But all the talk on the red carpet was about the past eight years on set — and this week, which will mark the last few days of filming for each of the “Housewives.”

“He’s still alive! He’s not dead!” exclaimed Hatcher, as she hugged her recently-deceased onscreen husband James Denton (who played Mike Delfino). Denton was on hand at the event to perform with The Band from TV, and it was his first time back on the set since his character’s death.

Zap2it spoke to Denton, who said he has mixed feelings about his exit from the series.

“For me it was great. I got to leave a little early, get out for pilot season, and test the waters a little bit,” Denton tells us, citing his appearance on “Hot In Cleveland” and other projects. “I’m not sure it was the best thing for the audience. … Personally it was a good thing, but for the character I’m not sure it was what the audience wanted.”

Denton went to a table reading for the final episode, so he knows how it’s all going to go down. He hints that “It’s very touching, some of it’s very funny. … People will really love it. It’s pretty straightforward, but really emotional.”

Hatcher brought her 14-year-old daughter Emerson along on the red carpet, and was practically inseparable with her on-screen daughter, Andrea Bowen. Hatcher was full of praise for the cast, crew, and her eight years on the series — gushing about how wonderful the “Housewives” work environment has been.

Felicity Huffman tells Zap2it about her upcoming final few days of filming. “It’s sad,” she says. Huffman says that on May 13, she’ll be watching the finale from home, and it’s going to be emotional. On the subject of Tom and Lynette, she would only say, “I can’t give anything away, but I want them to work it out. I want them to be together.”

Vanessa Williams likewise was playing coy on her character’s path, refusing to reveal any signature “Desperate” shockers but assuring that “Renee’s path is a fun one.”

And speaking of outrageous plot twists, Williams was all laughs telling us that her favorite moment for Renee was this season’s Chinese love potion overdose scene. “That was a really fun one to film,” she commented.

When asked about her next steps, Williams says she “just finished a pilot in New York, so I’ll know in about a month. It’s yet another role, for another show on ABC [the supernatural drama ‘666 Park Avenue’].”

But talk with Williams was still largely focused on her time with the “Housewives”: “It’s been a ball, the two years that I spent here … and with these amazing ladies and this crew. It’s been extraordinary,” she says.

So, “DH” audiences are certainly not alone: The cast is just as sentimental as fans are about drawing the series to a close. After chatting with them on Saturday, it seems fair to expect a touching, tender — and dare we say happy — ending on May 13 for the ladies of Wisteria Lane.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady