Susan-Julie-Desperate-Housewives-ABC-320.jpgThe last episode of “Desperate Housewives” has definitely caused some ripples at Wysteria Lane. Viewers tuned in to see who was killed or injured after a plane crash landed right in the middle of the holiday block party.

In the end, Lynette lost one of her twin babies, Angie lost her blackmailer, and we all lost a character that we’ve gotten to know intimately over the years: Karl (played by Richard Burgi).

“I still really can’t believe it,” Teri Hatcher tells ABC News. “We had so many years of great, great funny moments off-camera, on-camera. I’m really going to miss him.”

That’s a stark contrast to Hatcher’s character Susan’s response. After hearing about his death and imagining herself fat and unhappy if she had stayed with Karl, Susan said she simply felt grateful. That may have stung for some fans, who had grown attached to the man who took on several roles: philanderer, lover and father.

Hatcher did suggest a way to get Burgi back on the show – as Karl’s evil twin!

She also talked about preparing for an upcoming scene in which Susan takes on a new persona and takes off her clothes as a stripper named “Miss Fix-it.” In the episode, she finds out Mike has been frequenting strip clubs and decides to prove a point.

What are your feelings about Karl’s death? Will you miss him like Hatcher will or are you grateful like Susan was?

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