Desperate-Housewives-ABC-Gabrielle-Recap-320.jpgIn this episode of “Desperate Housewives,” the kids are really throwing a wrench into lives on The Lane while two of our housewives go gay.

Gabrielle goes gay
Gabrielle is having a crazy mom morning. When they find out Celia has the chicken pox, Gaby, who has never had them, takes the chance to escape the madness. In the meantime, she stays with Lee and Bob. She’s loving their childless gay life. When she finds out the kids aren’t contagious anymore, she is reticent to go back and makes up a stomach virus. At a party later, Gaby goes upstairs to find somewhere quiet and she discovers a nursery. Bob walks in and admits that they’ve been having a hard time adopting and while she may envy their life, they envy hers.

A birthday Lynette will never forget (again)
Tom and Lynette start the morning with forgetting Penny’s birthday and they can’t cover it up. Later that night, Lynette throws her a make-up birthday, but when the cake comes out it says the wrong name! Lynette accidentally put the name she wanted for the new baby on the cake. Later, when Penny doesn’t show up on the bus, her friend tells Lynette that she’s running away and hands her a note from Penny. At the police station, they tell her that they’ve found Penny trying to use their credit card to check into a hotel room. When Lynette goes to apologize, Penny admits she’s not mad at her mom, she’s mad at the new baby. Lynette convinces her that with all the guys growing up and moving out, soon the gals will be running the house.

Susan’s meddling is the least of Roy’s problems
Susan and Mike go over to the old folks’, Karen and Roy’s place, for breakfast and Susan stirs up some trouble. She basically guilt trips Roy into proposing to Karen. Later when Susan comes over to show Roy a bouquet for Karen, he tells her to butt out. He’s now scared that he won’t be able to stay faithful to her, since their relationship will lose its exciting “living in sin” nature. Then, he plants a kiss on Susan. Now, she wants to warn Karen, but Mike thinks she has meddled enough.

Of course, she doesn’t listen and she walks over to tell her. Before she tells Karen, she finds out that Karen possibly has lung cancer. On the way out, Roy tells her that Karen’s cancer has changed his mind. He realized losing her would be the worst thing.

Desperate-Housewives-Katherine-lesbian-dream-abc-320.jpgKatherine’s dream comes true

Katherine has a steamy dream about Robin and it clearly unnerves her.
At therapy later, she tells her doctor about the dream. Katherine is
convinced that there’s some hidden meaning in the dream and doesn’t
believe she can just change into a lesbian. Her doctor tells her that
she should steer away from relationships altogether. He thinks it’s
best that Katherine ask Robin to move out. Later when she gets home,
Robin tells her that she got a new job. When she opens a bottle of
champagne, Robin spills some on her top and starts taking it off.
Katherine freaks out and blurts out that Robin needs to move out. After
Katherine tells her she’s starting to have feelings for her, Robin
admits that she also has feelings for Katherine. Next thing we know,
Robin and Katherine are naked in bed.

Danny is AWOL
Angie finds a note from Danny saying he went camping with a friend. While her husband thinks it OK, it freaks Angie out. Little does he know, huh? When she sees Danny’s friend at the store, he tells her that they never went camping. In fact, Danny went to New York City to chase after Ana.

Bree’s new hire is like a son to her (or he wants to be)
Bree and Andrew aren’t seeing eye to eye right now when it comes to running the company. When Tad, one of their employees, orders 100 floral arrangements instead of 10, Bree freaks out. Andrew asks that she let him deal with it. Later, Sam (played by “Mad Men’s” Sam Page), who’s a big Bree fanboy, stops by and solicits Bree for a job. She basically tells him she has nothing for him, but when he solves her extra floral arrangement problem, she reconsiders.

When Andrew finds out Bree hired Sam, he’s not happy. And when Sam suggests they fire Tad, Andrew becomes argumentative. He then accuses Andrew of having an affair with Tad and Andrew confesses that he has. Bree is shocked and while Andrew brings up her affair with Karl, Bree still thinks firing Tad is the best thing.

Later, Sam suggests to Bree that Andrew may be feeling a sense of entitlement and that cutting the apron strings may be the best thing. After she leaves, he takes Andrew’s “greatest son” mug and drinks from it. Um, crazy stalker!!!

How do you feel about Katherine’s blossoming lesbian romance? And, are you as excited as me about the Bree/Andrew/Sam power struggle that’s going down? Are you excited to see Angie’s next move to get Danny back?

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