nicollette marc cherry abc lawyers up 'Desperate Housewives' trial update: Nicollette Sheridan's character death planned months earlierAccording to former ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson, Marc Cherry planned to kill off Nicollette Sheridan‘s character from “Desperate Housewives” months before she had an altercation with Marc Cherry that she alleges led to her dismissal.

Sheridan is suing Cherry and ABC for wrongful termination. She says her character was killed off as retribution after she reported a scuffle with Cherry to higher-ups. Cherry says he only mock-hit Sheridan as demonstration for how a scene should play out.

But testimony from McPherson corroborates Cherry’s assertion that he’d planned Sheridan’s character’s exit in May 2008, months before the September 2008 incident.

McPherson tells Deadline after his testimony, “We made the decision to get rid of the character six or seven months before anything happened — whatever happened.”

He also adds, “Both parties are really nice people, and I’m surprised it even made it to trial.”

Sheridan could collect $4 million in damages if the court rules in her favor.

Posted by:Jean Bentley