teri hatcher james denton desperate housewives abc 'Desperate Housewives' Vanessa Williams on Mike's death: 'It was a shocker'Vanessa Williams, Renee on “Desperate Housewives” the character at the center of why Mike Delfino (James Denton) was fatally shot, tells Zap2it she was shocked that the sexy plumber took a bullet to the heart.
Of course when you beat the sass out of a loan shark, and he threatens to kill you, turning up dead isn’t completely out of the blue.
vanessa williams desperate housewives sing abc 'Desperate Housewives' Vanessa Williams on Mike's death: 'It was a shocker'“I knew that was coming up,” Williams says.”Obviously, because we had shot it before. It was a shocker, and to have one of the iconic couples to end that way was the bang that the audience was not expecting.”
As usual on the comic soap, ending its eight-year run Sunday, May 13, plot twists are kept secret. Renee is a very rich woman, courtesy of her divorce from a pro ballplayer. She paid off her boyfriend, Ben’s (Charles Mesure) debt to a loan shark, but that wasn’t enough for him.
When he demanded more, Renee looked him dead in the eye, refused and stood her ground. Soon he turned up to trash her house, and Delfino happened upon the loan shark mid-trashing. Though this plot twist leaked out at the Nicolette Sheridan/Marc Cherry trial last week, the episode just aired this past Sunday (Mar. 11).
“We will see how they resolve it,” Williams says. “I don’t even know what we are shooting.  We have three more to go. I have no idea who is involved whether Ben will get revenge and kill the loan shark. It was unexpected. That’s what people want.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler