desperate housewives finale gabrielle nick 'Desperate Houswives' finale: EP talks Gaby's heroics, John Barrowman and who will dieThis season’s big mystery on “Desperate Housewives” has led us to Patrick (played by “Torchwood’s” John Barrowman), who is now holding Angie (Drea de Matteo) and Danny (Beau Mirchoff) hostage in their own home. Meanwhile, he’s forcing Angie to build a bomb for him.

Angie was able to slip a note to her unlikely best friend on The Lane, Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker). In the Sunday (May 16) finale, it’s up to Gaby to save them.

Zap2it talked to Executive Producer Bob Daily about the resolution of this season’s mystery, what it was like working with Barrowman and who will die in the finale.

Note: Spoiler alert!

Gaby is the only one who can help Angie now. What kind of heroics can we expect from her?
Gaby will definitely be throwing herself in front of a bus in this episode. She will definitely be putting herself in the middle of this mystery story and putting herself at some risk as she sort of gets involved. You know, Nick [played by Jeffrey Nordling, pictured above] is in the hospital. He can’t do much. It sort of has to fall on Gaby in this episode to play the hero role.

Obviously, in order to place Gaby in the role of hero, her friendship with Angie had to be developed.
Well, yes. We sort of saw the beginnings of that when the two of them went to New York. At that point, they had a very antagonistic sort of relationship. Their kids, well, in Gaby’s case, her niece, were dating. They did not get along. Ever since that scene in the airplane when they’re coming back and Angie shares her secret with Gaby we’ve seen them grow closer. So, yeah, this is where that all comes together. There’s a moment when Nick asks her something along the lines of why are you doing this? And Gaby explains how touched she was by Angie picking her to be the only person to share the secret with. That has a lot to do with it. And we get to see how Angie’s time on Wisteria Lane has changed her and how the women play an important role for her. It all comes together with a very sweet scene for her in the end.

Are the other housewives going to get involved?
Gaby is going to rope one of the other women into it. Unwittingly, the other woman is not going to be aware of what’s going on. There’s a very funny scene where she enlists another one of the women to help her out.

Can we expect Drea to come back at all after this season?
We would love that. I’m not sure where we stand at that, you know. That’s kind of a business affairs question maybe, but yeah we loved her. As people will see in this finale, characters have a way of resurfacing in this finale. We would love to figure out a way to get her back someday.

We’re big John Barrowman fans. He brought a different energy to this season’s “Big Bad” character. What was it like working with him?
He was great. He was so easy to work with. He came in his first day – I think he had flown in the night before and was completely jetlagged. You know he was so easy to work with and so fantastic. You’re right. He did bring a very different kind of creepy energy and intensity to the show. He and Drea play well off each other. You’ll see a lot of that in the finale.  

Can you give our readers some hints as to who will die in the finale?
I’d hate to spoil it. Let me think. One of the characters meets an explosive end. I can tell you that. Really, I would say it’s one of our lower body counts that we’ve had in a finale for a while. That’s about as far as I can go. It won’t be any of the four women. How’s that? I can promise that.

The season finale of “Desperate Housewives” airs Sunday, May 16 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Zap2it readers: Who do you think will meet their “explosive end” in the finale?

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