Detroit reporter Lauren Podell drops F bomb on live newscast   Watch the video

Lauren Podell, reporter for Detroit’s WDIV Local 4, inadvertently dropped an F-bomb during a live newscast Wednesday (Nov. 13). And thanks to the internet, you can hear it in all its glory.
Podell was on assignment covering a fire that struck the downtown district of nearby Lapeer, Mich. when the news anchors tossed to Podell’s live shot.
While the reporter can not be seen on camera, she can definitely be heard complaining about her ear piece. “I don’t have IFB; I don’t know when we’re going,” Podell says. “I can’t get this f***ing in there.” One of the anchors quickly apologizes as Podell’s audio is cut. 
Podell sent several tweets earlier from the scene of the fire damage, but has been social media silent since the on-air oops. The veteran reporter’s profile on the “Click On Detroit” news site says she is currently planning her dream wedding. She names “The Hunger Games” as her favorite book, and was voted Best Hair in Detroit in 2011.
Warning: In case it was not clear from the headline, the video below contains strong language.
Posted by:mchance