Katherine-Jackson.jpgKatherine Jackson wants everyone to know that she is “fine” and “going home to straighten out” the strange circumstances that led to her being stripped of her guardianship today (July 25) over Michael Jackson‘s three children.

“The ruling in court today was based on a bunch of lies,” she told ABC News from the Miraval resort in Tucson, Ariz., where she says she has staying for “a short vacation” to “rest up.” She explained that she didn’t call her grandchildren — Prince Michael, 15, Paris, 14, and Blanket, 10 — because she “just gave up [her] phone and didn’t want to have any phone calls” during her stay.

The 82-year-old Jackson family matriarch insisted her assistant had been “keeping in contact with” her grandson, who said “everything is going fine.” She also dismissed rumors that she was kidnapped and held against her will: “My children would never do a thing like that, holding me against my will — it’s very stupid for people to think that.

“I am devastated that while I’ve been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me,” she said. “But I spoke to my grandson TJ and also I spoke to Prince and Paris last night and told him I would be home today and they’re waiting for me to come.”

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