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Marisol’s employers grow suspicious about her in Sunday’s (Sept. 8) episode of “Devious Maids,” and all we can say is — it’s about time.
Marisol (Ana Ortiz) has never bothered to hide her intelligence.  The other maids are street smart, but she’s book smart, not surprising considering she is a college professor posing as a maid to exonerate her son, Eddie, held for murdering Flora, a maid.
Taylor and Michael Stappord (Brianna Brown and Brett Cullen) independently realize that Marisol’s behavior should be monitored. Marisol arranges to have Eddie’s lawyer and Remi (Drew Van Acker), who had impregnated Flora, arrive at the Stappords’ home at the same time.
Later, Taylor catches Marisol eavesdropping on Michael. This time Marisol’s lying is clumsy, and her employers know she is up to something.

Recently, the series has spotlighted how the employers will often talk to their friends and lovers as if the maids are invisible or mute. This episode highlights the sometimes uneasy, inherently unequal relationships between maids and employers and the four best examples are:
1) Rosie and Peri. (Dania Ramirez and Mariana Klaveno). You have to wonder — though perhaps not very hard if you followed the behind-the-scenes news at “Desperate Housewives” — on which conniving, demanding actress creator Marc Cherry based Peri.

Vain, selfish, self-absorbed and nasty, Peri ignores her baby, cheats on her husband and is abysmally rude to Rosie. And that’s on a good day. On this particular evening, she’s driving while screeching at her agent, and hits a jogger (Larry Miller). Having the ethics of a recently hatched spider, Peri drives away.
“I can’t afford a scandal right now,” Peri tells Rosie. “I am in negotiations at Paramount.”
Rosie, of course, is cleaning. We must ask, do live-in maids really clean day and night? Do houses without dogs ever get this dirty?
Rosie rushes to the man, left bloodied and with broken bones, on the side of the road. She calls an ambulance, goes to the hospital with him and learns that he is alone. Rosie promises to visit him and Peri grants her permission to do so. Rosie loses it, explaining that Peri does not tell her what to do. Not anymore.
2) Marisol and Taylor. Taylor may be the second trophy wife, and she may be too trusting, but she is no fool. Olivia (Valerie Mahaffey), Michael’s lunatic first wife, survived hanging herself from the tree in front of Michael and Taylor’s house during their dinner party.
Besieged with guilt, Michael is spending a lot of time visiting Olivia in the hospital. Taylor, who is pregnant and unsure about her status with Michael, asks Marisol what she should do.
As usual, Marisol offers sound advice and tells her to go to the hospital with Michael.
“I tell you everything about my life and you never tell me anything about yours,” Taylor says to Marisol. “Why is that?”
Marisol shrugs off the question, dismisses her life as boring, and shoulders a mop.
judy reyes devious maids episode 325 'Devious Maids' episode 11: 'Cleaning out the Closet,' but dirt remains
3) Zoila and Genevieve (Judy Reyes and Susan Lucci). Theirs is the most complicated relationship because Zoila has been her maid for decades. Zoila is appalled that Genevieve is back together with her ex-husband Philippe (Stephen Collins).
Zoila, never one to bother with social lubricants, tells Philippe she knows he’s a cheater and a liar and doesn’t want him to hurt Genevieve again. When Philippe and Genevieve announce their engagement, Zoila refuses to toast them. 
Philippe threatens to fire Zoila if she doesn’t adjust her attitude and says he doesn’t care if “your daughter is doing our son.” Remi, who seems to be in love with Valentina (Edy Ganem), decks his father.
Later Genevieve explains she loves Philippe. Zoila tells her, “Love someone else.”
We must give Genevieve credit for trying, given her six marriages and many affairs. Philippe is the one for her, she maintains, and asks Zoila to not make her pick between the man she loves and the maid she has long relied on.
4) Carmen and Alejandro (Roselyn Sanchez and Matt Cedeno). Last week, Alejandro came out to Carmen, and she was shocked. This week, his boyfriend, Scott, moves in, albeit temporarily.
From the first night, Alejandro tells Carmen that Scott is too pushy and needy. While Alejandro goes about his business, Scott tries to get Carmen to confide in him. Carmen quickly sees Scott’s good side — he loves to clean, which is a mystery and manna to Carmen.
When Scott can’t sleep, he cleans, saying vacuuming is “nature’s Ambien.”
Alejandro asks Carmen to dump Scott for him. Scott’s reaction is to trash the place, and he’s soon shopping the story of his affair with the macho pop star to a tabloid.
In the episode’s final scene, Alejandro is picking up the pieces of his broken living room and explaining to Carmen why he can’t go to the police: His secret will be out, and he’s certain being out will wreck his career.
Carmen kneels down to help Alejandro pick up the pieces. Though she’s still his employee, in this episode, their relationship went beyond — to friendship. 
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