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Did Marc Cherry really just kill off Taylor?
The final scene of Sunday’s (Sept. 15) “Devious Maids” has a pregnant Taylor (Brianna Brown) shot in front of her house. And she looks dead.
If that weren’t surprising enough, it appears that Philippe (Stephen Collins) killed Flora, the maid.
Given that people have appeared dead and were not, and that the season finale, which creator Cherry promises will tie up all loose ends, airs in a week, we can’t be certain of either.
What we do know is: Philippe is evil, Rosie is reunited with her son, Zoila uses her manipulative ways to protect her daughter and Evelyn finally has enough.
A hired killer, doing Philippe’s bidding, was supposed to whack Marisol (Ana Ortiz). Marisol was fleeing the Stoppards’ home after Michael (Brett Cullen) warned her that Philippe figured out who she really is: the mother of the young man falsely accused of killing Flora, the maid.
Philippe, his lawyer Michael warned, is a dangerous man.
The gunman accidentally shoots Taylor. Michael runs out and cradles his unconscious wife in his arms.
Oddly, Michael has experience in cradling wives who appear to be dead in front of his house. A few weeks ago, his ex-wife, Olivia (Valerie Mahaffey), hanged herself, but survived the suicide attempt.
Just how evil Philippe is we can’t be sure. He’s back in the lives of  his ex-wife Genevieve (Susan Lucci) and their son, Remi (Drew Van Acker), and engaged once again to Genevieve (who had a few husbands in between).
Remi confronts his father about Flora, whom the son was dating. Remi asks about the DVD in which Flora said Philippe raped her. She was pregnant when she was killed.
With pathological arrogance, Philippe says, “She was a whore. Whores can’t say no.”
Remi decides he needs to get away from his family, and volunteers to work for a charity in Africa. His girlfriend, Valentina (Edy Ganem), decides to go with him. (How these two can just take off to Africa without getting shots that take weeks is a question of logic best not considered.)
But Valentina’s mom, Zoila (Judy Reyes), prohibits it. Valentina, who is about 20, explains that she has made her decision and her mom yelling is not going to matter.
Clearly, Valentina has not been paying attention, because Zoila is more resourceful than most. She writes a letter that Remi is to copy in his own handwriting, explaining to Valentina that she needs to chase her dream of becoming a designer.
A devious maid? Yes, and a mom terrified of seeing her daughter toss her dreams in favor of a man.
Over in the Spence/Peri household, where narcissism is brought to new levels, Peri (Mariana Klaveno) talked movie studio bosses into letting her use the studio jet to fly to Guadalajara and retrieve Miguel, Rosie’s (Dania Ramirez) son.
The timing is painful because earlier in the day, Spence (Grant Show) proposed to Rosie. He said he could get a quickie divorce from Peri, and Rosie first says she will marry him but once Peri reunites Rosie with her son, Rosie’s allegiance switches to Peri and she is supposedly done with Spence.
As the season nears its finale, a couple of other relationship questions are answered, if not completely resolved.
Sam (Wole Parks) reappears, looking dapper in Armani. He enrolled in a training program to become an agent, so he can help Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) launch her singing career. She, though, can’t understand how he could be an agent.
“You’re not smarmy or ruthless,” she says.
“That’s why there is a training program,” Sam says.
Carmen’s adjusted her goals and no longer cares about being a star. She cares about being with Sam. They decide to move in together. Alejandro (Matt Cedeno), their employer, hugs Sam, while a paparazzi from the tabloid that is outing Alejandro, based on his ex-lover’s story, snaps photos.
And in the gilded house of misery, Evelyn (Rebecca Winsocky) has Adrian (Tom Irwin) clarify their net worth. It’s about $100 million. She wanted to know for her settlement because she’s divorcing him.
“It has recently occurred to me that I don’t have to be unhappy,” Evelyn tells her husband, who refuses to touch her. “There is someone out there who will cherish me and make love to me with wild abandon and I am going to find this wonderful stranger before my breasts get any lower.”
With one episode to go, we’re guessing that Taylor will die and Michael will be so furious he will prove Philippe murdered Flora. 
What do you think will happen in the finale? 
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