roselyn sanchez jaime camil melinda page hamilton devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' Episode 5: 'Taking out the Trash' but some things still stink

Every marriage has its secrets, but on Lifetime’s “Devious Maids” at least one marriage was secret.
And, some of the secrets in the marriages are pretty awful. In the Sunday (July 21) episode, there’s the usual bad behavior from the entitled and some heroic moments from the workers.
Housekeeper Odessa (Melinda Page Hamilton) who rules over the household staff, comes into her own. She has definitely softened the Boris Badenov accent, and though still severe, no longer acts as if she has a metal pole holding her up.
She has the episode’s best scene when she removes her prosthetic leg to club a man. By knocking out Oscar (Jaime Camil), Carmen’s estranged husband, Odessa saves Carmen and Sam (Roselyn Sanchez, Wole Parks). Oscar had already decked Sam and was strangling Carmen.
wole parks devious maids gallery 325 life 'Devious Maids' Episode 5: 'Taking out the Trash' but some things still stinkAs Odessa reveals herself more, we also learn more about Carmen’s backstory. And that leads us to this episode’s four marriage secrets.
1) Carmen ran away from Oscar. No mystery why, if he thinks it’s acceptable to choke her. She left in the middle of the night, and never divorced. Oscar tracked her down, and has every intention of hauling her back to Miami. Carmen, however, is not done chasing her dream. Even if she had no designs on becoming a singer, going back to wait on this Neanderthal, who whispers the line that’s always a lie, “Things will be different now,” is not happening.
Oscar is carried out on a stretcher and Carmen finally realizes what a great man Sam is. Odessa explains that Carmen and she are more alike than anyone realizes, and it’s clear she, too, had an abusive man in her past.
2) Spence and Peri (Grant Show and Mariana Klaveno) decide to have an open marriage. Yeah, that’s going to work really well. She already has a lover, is contemptuous of her husband and indifferent to her son. Spence wants the freedom because he is in love with Rosie (Dania Ramirez). As of now Rosie is being virtuous because she doesn’t want to sin. That, and she is understandably terrified of Peri.
3) Eleanor and Adrian (Rebecca Wisocky and Tom Irwin) had to have something momentous hidden in their marriage because that kind of weirdness and hostility does not flourish in a harmonious home. They had a son who died while Eleanor was supposed to be watching him. Adrian has never forgiven her.
Every year, on the boy’s birthday, they buy presents for him. And as the richest couple on the show, this year she bought their son, dead 15 years, a cashmere sweater.
Why the richest couple on the show is hiring Marisol (Ana Ortiz), their friends’ maid on her days off, continues to strain logic. Even if one agency wouldn’t send over more maids because the last one was murdered, certainly they could find someone.
And if you think your marriage has lost its romantic sparkle, consider their loveless run: this episode reveals it’s been 15 years since Adrian and Eleanor had sex.
4) Eddie and Flora (Eddie Hassell and Paula Garces) were a couple. Marisol’s son, who’s in jail accused of killing Flora, is not quite as removed from the slain maid as he would have had his mom believe. Marisol’s been trying to get her son out of jail until his trial. The mother and son finally have a heart-to-heart talk, and we learn that he and Flora were lovers and he had proposed.
And, a bigger question is answered: why Marisol seems so alone. Her mother died when she was 6. She could not have children and adopted Eddie, then her husband left. 
Just because no episode would be complete without Adrian getting his creep on, he does share (oh, if only he would stop) that it was when their son died that he could no longer have sex with his wife. Though why that led to his kink about paying women to have sex with his friends and watching, then joining, was not completely spelled out. Be thankful for small blessings.
And Remi (Drew Van Acker) does have his scene where his clothes go missing. He brings home a haughty, former lover who makes the mistake of bossing around Valentina (Edy Ganem). Valentina can no longer keep secret from Remi how she really feels about him. 
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