dania ramirez devious maids ep 8 'Devious Maids' episode 8 recap: 'Minding the Baby' cries out to momsAside from nasty gossip, safecracking and lying, this Sunday’s (Aug. 11) episode of Lifetime’s “Devious Maids” is really very sweet.
It’s as if everyone needed to take a little break from the over-the-top situations. It’s still a telenovela, though. 
A maid walks in a couple having sex in the kitchen, a housekeeper is diagnosed with cancer and the seeds to an unorthodox marriage are planted.
The sex on the kitchen counter is between married couple Taylor and Michael  (Brianna Brown, Brett Cullen).
Odessa (Melinda Page Hamilton) is under treatment for cancer. The unorthodox marriage in the making is Genevieve’s (Susan Lucci). And yes, this falls into the what-else-is-new department.
Broke, because her business manager ran off with all of her money, Genevieve decided the only way to strike it rich again was to marry rich, a scenario that’s always worked for her.
You’ve got to hand it to her. Other people go on a cruise and are adrift at sea without toilets and electricity for a week, but she snags a billionaire, Alfred (Dakin Matthews, “True Grit”).
Typical of Genevieve’s relationship with Zoila and her daughter, Valentina (Judy Reyes and Edy Ganem), Genevieve bustles in, explains she hasn’t been “completely truthful” with her beau. “I told him I was 39,” she says.
“Pounds?” Valentina asks.
“That’s not a little white lie,” Zoila says. “It’s an alternate universe.”
It helps Genevieve’s case, albeit temporarily, that Alfred is blind. Zoila lets slip Genevieve’s real age. Given that despite his advanced age, Alfred insists upon fathering a child, he becomes furious that Genevieve has lied to him. She went through menopause during the Clinton administration — “the second one,” she desperately notes.
This week, it’s a baby-obsessed universe.
1) Alfred and his unusual pre-nup. Though in high dudgeon when he learns Genevieve shaved 30 years off her age, he has grown fond of her. He desperately wants a baby, so Alfred will marry her if they can hire a surrogate to bear their child. For the egg donor, he wants Valentina. Talk about your boss wanting body and soul.
2) Evelyn, a loving surrogate mom? No, not in the same way as Valentina. Please! Rebecca Wisocky‘s arch, idle rich woman, as we have learned, pines for her dead son. 
Yet when Rosie (Dania Ramirez) shows up to work for her, with Peri’s 
(Mariana Klaveno) baby son in tow, Evelyn initially reacts in her usual imperious way.
“What in God’s name is that?” Evelyn asks, though one would think a baby is easily identified.
As usual, Evelyn gets, or perhaps makes, the best lines: “This rug is worth over $100,000,” Evelyn says to the baby. “If you ruin it I will personally see to it that you wind up in the public school system.”
Evelyn fired Marisol (Ana Ortiz), who was working part-time at the Powells. Marisol suspects there is information to be uncovered at the Powells that could exonerate her son, the lone suspect in the murder of Flora the maid. 
ana ortiz brianna brown devious maids lifetime 'Devious Maids' episode 8 recap: 'Minding the Baby' cries out to moms
3) Taylor is trying to get pregnant. It was Taylor, the sweet trophy wife and former prostitute, who was having sex on the marble counter with her husband, Michael. Taylor confides they have been trying to conceive, and Marisol suggests a fertility clinic.
While at the fertility clinic, Marisol let down her guard, saying she was there years ago. Marisol finally gets caught in her lies. Taylor recalls that when interviewing Marisol, Taylor had asked if she had family, and Marisol said no. 
Marisol tries backing out of the lies, by saying she divorced and had to give up the baby, but Marisol is aware that her house of lies is starting to crumble.
4) Rosie doing work she finds offensive for her son. Rosie is working at the Powells because she is beholden to Marisol. Marisol knows that Rosie and Spence (Grant Show), Peri’s husband, are having an affair. 
Rosie always looks as if she just smelled a diaper pail left in the sun for a few days. But she does what Marisol wants — scour the Powells’ home in search of DVDs of sex scenes, particularly one that involved Flora.
Luckily the in-house perv, Adrian Powell (Tom Irwin), who hasn’t been a in a couple of episodes, recorded, labeled and filed the sex sessions.
When Rosie complains to Marisol about having to look through the nasty DVDs, Marisol says, “This is my son we are talking about. “
“Your son is not the only son in the world,” Rosie retorts.
But Rosie, using the password Marisol suggested, Evelyn’s dead son’s name, opens the safe, extracts the DVD Marisol hopes will lead to freeing her son. 
In the one household where a baby is yet to enter the picture, Odessa is even meaner than usual to Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez), which is saying a lot. Turns out Odessa, who has turned to drink, is fighting cancer – for a second time.
Odessa finally opens up to Carmen, telling her how she had been a prima ballerina in Russia, until she lost a leg to cancer. The episode ends with them paging through Odessa’s scrapbook, finally friends.
But we know this sweetness has to be temporary because the show, yet to be officially renewed, needs to tie up loose ends.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler