devious-maids-s1-finale-dania-ramirez-judy-reyes-roselyn-sanchez.jpgThe first season of Lifetime’s over-the-top soap “Devious Maids” came to a
satisfying end Sunday (Sept. 22) when the Powells stopped their divorce
proceedings to commit murder. Nothing like hate to rekindle love.
Oh, and speaking of murder (spoilers coming right up) …

Philippe did it.

The ex-husband and current fiancé of Genevieve (Susan Lucci) killed Flora, which is where we all joined the story. Adrian and Evelyn Powell (Tom Irwin and Rebecca Wisocky) killed him.
Everyone except perpetually clueless Genevieve realized that Philippe is evil. Just as he was about to kill another maid, Marisol (Ana Ortiz), the Powells slipped him a drug and staged his suicide. They did not do this to protect Marisol, but rather for Adrian to exact his revenge on Philippe for killing “his maid.”
Yes, this 1 percenter thinks that people belong to him. To remind us how different life is for those who have $100 million, when Philippe realized that the law could be closing in on him, he asked Adrian if he could borrow his jet. He was planning to escape to Brunei, which does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.
The first season ended as it began — with someone about to die, winding up in the Powells’ pool for a true dead man’s float — during a black-tie party. Most of the plot lines were tied up, and one was introduced at the end to give the maids a new cause to rally around next season. 
Here is how the maids’ and their employers’ involved stories wrapped up:
ana-ortiz-devious-maids-s1-finale.jpgMarisol: For a smart person, Marisol has all the sensitivity of a rutting wildebeest. She demands Michael (Brett Cullen) tell her everything he knows about his client Philippe while they are in his wife’s hospital room.
Taylor (Brianna Brown) had been shot and subsequently miscarried. That bullet was intended for Marisol. Marisol knows Philippe killed Flora, but she needs evidence. 
Marisol doesn’t get satisfaction until the closing minutes of the episode. She corners Philippe in a bedroom and confronts him. Just as Philippe is about to stab Marisol — she had carried a cheese plate into the room, so a knife was handy — Evelyn bursts in with a security guard. Evelyn had warned Marisol to stay off her property.
Philippe can’t believe his luck. Just as thinks he’s about to flee, Adrian insists on talking to him.
“The trick to getting away with murder is to not to let people think it was murder in the first place,” Adrian tells Philippe. “You must create a plausible explanation for an unexpected death, such as suicide.”
At that moment, Philippe collapses from the poison Adrian slipped into his drink. 
“You killed my maid,” Adrian yells at him. “Don’t you know how hard it is to find good help?”
With that, Adrian tosses Philippe’s lifeless body from the bedroom window. It lands in the pool.
When the police arrive, they’re suspicious that it was a suicide since Philippe was only in the pool for a minute. The detectives realize he was dead before he hit the water.
Adrian says that Philippe confessed to killing Flora and that he could no longer live with himself. Evelyn swears to her husband’s statements, but the detectives remain suspicious.
Then Rosie, Carmen and Zoila back up the Powells’ statement.
Though this plot line should seem closed, a smart D.A. could still question the circumstances of Philippe’s death next season. 
Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez):  She and Sam (Wole Parks) were going to live together just when their employer, Alejandro (Matt Cedeno), was outed. Alejandro, his lawyer, manager and publicist devise a scheme to keep him in the closet and his career as a Latin pop singer going strong.
All Carmen needs to do is marry Alejandro for two years. In return she will be given all she has ever wanted: a recording contract and money. The catch is she and Sam cannot even date for two years. As expected, Sam does not take kindly to this proposal.
This story line was not resolved.
Zoila (Judy Reyes): Zoila, as always, does what she thought was best for her daughter, Valentina (Edy Ganem), but she goes too far in convincing Remi (Drew Van Acker) to write a letter and say he would see her in a year.
Valentina pushes her mom away in their final scene together. She’s is last seen packing to go to Africa to be with Remi and volunteer for a doctors’ organization that vaccinates children in the Congo.
During the tying-up-the-loose ends monologues, Marisol recounts how Remi had been dating Flora, and Flora was pregnant with his child. At the same time, Flora was still turning tricks. Adrian was giving Flora as a “present” — remember, this is the man who considered the maid his property — to Philippe. When Flora found out Philippe was Remi’s father, she refused to have sex with him.
People did not say no to Philippe. He had stabbed Flora, and then framed Eddie, Marisol’s son, who just happened to be nearby. In the final scene, Eddie is free, enjoying a picnic in the park with his mom and the other maids. Everyone looks happy until the police arrive.
Rosie (Dania Ramirez): Immigration cops arrest Rosie and haul her off, away from a picnic and, presumably, deport her to Mexico. Peri (Mariana Klaveno) stands on the edge of the park, smirking.
Peri had heard her husband Spence (Grant Show) proposing to Rosie and offering to adopt her son. Peri, who ties with Adrian for the show’s most devious character, was not about to let this happen.
And that is a plot line that will have to lead off next season.
What did you think of the “Devious Maids” finale, and the season as a whole? What are you hoping to see in Season 2?
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler