strahovski hall 708 dexter 'Dexter'   'Argentina' recap: Dexter's bizarre love triangleAnyone hoping wondering whether “Dexter” would drop its controversial Season 6 storyline — you know, the one where Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) realizes she’s in love her brother (Michael C. Hall) — got their answer tonight: Nope!

Brotherly Love: Turns out Deb’s discovery that her brother is a serial killer didn’t wipe out those not-incestuous-at-all feelings. Her anger at his refusal to kill Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski has nothing on the jealous rage that erupts when she finds out he is sleeping with her. “It’s weird and gross and f***ed up,” she acknowledges after confessing she was/is in love with her dumbstruck sibling — and that she is more upset about his feelings for Hannah than the fact that he’s murdered dozens of people.

Home Sweet Home: Deb’s timing is especially terrible (but is there ever a good time for this conversation?) because Dexter and Hannah are really enjoying a honeymoon of sorts, having sleepovers, making omelets and comparing kills. Dex bonded with Lumen over killing, but she had a specific target (Jordan Chase). Hannah, however, just enjoys “subtracting” people — while dreaming of an idyllic life in Argentina.

The Kids Are Alright: Dexter doesn’t go as far as introducing his new girlfriend to Astor and Cody, however, who are visiting for the week. Because Isaak is hunting Dexter, Deb agrees to keep them at her house, along with baby Harrison. Aside from Astor’s rebellious pot smoking, Rita’s kids seem perfectly normal. At least Astor isn’t crushing on Cody. (Ask yourself, are adopted siblings’ relationships really that different from blood siblings? Should they be?)

Aside from the creepy comparison we just drew, why bring Rita’s kids back to “Dexter”? Seeing his family on the beach, Hannah is reminded again of the normal life — including children — she also wanted. Also, Astor gives Dex an opportunity to obliquely wonder how he would’ve grown up without Harry’s tutelage. And for us to wonder, does James Remar contribute anything to this show anymore?

Friendly Fire: After trying to gun Dexter (and Harry) down at a donut shop, Isaak meets Dexter at a gay bar — where he learns that Viktor was his lover. It’s too bad, really, because Dexter and Isaak could have been an epic bromance.

“The heart just knows something we don’t know,” muses Isaak about loving a psychopath, to which Dex replies, “Maybe the heart is just wrong.”

“Inappropriate, but wrong?” counters the Ukranian. “That depends on where we end up.”

Where will the two men end up? Could Isaak realize that killing Hannah would be the best way to avenge his lover’s murder? Or will Dexter — or someone else — kill him first?

Sinking Ship: Like Isaak, Dexter is also being cornered — he just doesn’t know it yet. LaGuerta has apparently made the connection between his boat and the Bay Harbor Butcher. And a heartbroken Deb might not be as invested in protecting her brother.

Killer Quotes

“I’m not going to stop seeing Hannah just because she’s a murderer and my sister wants to kill her.” –Dexter, rationalizing his complicated love life

“What’s a booty call?” –Dexer, adorably, when Hannah questions the reason for his visit.

“You’re a serial killer and I’m more f**ed up than you are.” –Deb to Dexter, and more truer words were never spoken.

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