dexter nuvotv 'Dexter' basic cable premiere: Stars David Zayas, Lauren Velez discuss the controversial ending and new fans

If you never got the chance to watch the critically-acclaimed serial killer thriller “Dexter” when it was on the air, now’s your chance to get hooked (or re-hooked, if you already watched it and want to start over from the beginning of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s reign of terror over Miami).

Along with the series being released in its entirety on Netflix, NUVOtv — the premiere English language destination for Latino entertainment — has acquired the exclusive basic cable rights to Showtime’s “Dexter.”

Since “Dexter” has a full ensemble consisting of many Latino cast members in lead and supporting roles, NUVOtv hopes to bring the series a new modern Latino audience by airing two back-to-back episodes every Monday night beginning Jan. 13 at 9 p.m. ET. The episodes will be presented uncut and in their entirety.

“I think that Showtime had a limited audience, and I think that now with the opportunity for being on Netflix and on NUVOtv starting on Monday, you’re going to a lot more people that have got the word of mouth out that have heard about the show that are actually going to be able to sit down and watch it,” David Zayas, who played Det. Angel Batista, says. “I think that the uniqueness of the show and how you go on this journey with this serial killer and he explains to you exactly what he’s feeling and why he’s doing what he’s doing is unique in television. I hadn’t seen it prior to that before, so I think that’s what’s pretty interesting about it.”

Lauren Velez, who played Maria LaGuerta, is excited for a new audience to be introduced to the series. “It’s completely unplanned, but it’s having sort of a platform release with a smaller audience with Showtime and there’s a Netflix audience, and now there’s a NUVOtv audience,” Velez says. “I think it’s pretty special that it’s actually beyond the life of the show without there being this huge gap in between its next incarnation. It’s just growing, and it’s got its own momentum, and I think that’s really exciting.”

Zayas is glad that “Dexter’s” new home is on NUVOtv, because of the way it will be able to reach a new audience of Latino viewers. 

“There’s going to be a whole new demographic of people, particularly Latinos, that are going to be watching the show and are going to be identify with Latino characters on the show — that they’re going to number one see the integrity in those characters and also recognize the cultural effects of it, the language effects of it, how they deal with family, how they deal with work, how they deal with a lot of things,” Zayas says. “It’s going to feel familiar to them, and that’s the wonderful thing about NUVOtv, that they’re going to have that kind of an audience.”

The basic cable premiere of “Dexter” on NUVOtv airs Monday (Jan. 13) at 9 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum