hall strahovski dexter 711 'Dexter'   'Do You See What I See' recap: Dex's terrible choice: Hannah or Deb?Ho, ho, ho, scary Christmas! Slay bells are ringing in Season 7’s penultimate episode of “Dexter.”

It’s definitely anything but merry for our favorite serial killer (Michael C. Hall), whose trouble with women reaches an all-time high in Season 7’s penultimate episode, “Do You See What I See.”

At first, all is mistletoe and candy canes between Dexter and Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski). Dexter even envisions “growing old” with the serial poisoner. That is, until she poisons his sister.

Christmas Spirit: Following up on the late Clint McKay’s tip, Deb questions Hannah’s old halfway house roommate, Arlene, about their counselor’s death. When Hannah, who killed him with rat poison, finds out, she surprises Deb at her home. She pleads for the two to find “common ground” for Dex’s sake, but Deb says she’s only interested in protecting Dex … from Hannah.

The question is: Did Hannah doctor Deb’s water bottle with Xanax before or after their confrontation? Also, considering the dose wasn’t enough to harm Deb, how did she know Deb was going to drive while swilling that particular bottle? Unless Deb did this herself to sway Dexter — which seems totally out of character — this plotline is a lot for viewers to swallow.

Visions of Sugar Plums: Dex’s hackles are raised when he finds out about Hannah’s visit to Casa Deb — he’s the one who sends the water bottle to the lab for testing — so he can’t properly enjoy his Christmas dinner with Hannah, Harrison and his nanny.

Unaware of his suspicions, Hannah tells her boyfriend, “Funny, we started off at Santa’s Holiday Adventure and here we are.” Unfortunately, she’s in a much different place now than Dexter — and soon wishes she was back on that snowy execution table.

When Dex finally confronts Hannah, she stages a strong defense, saying that drugged-out Arlene isn’t a threat. “Do you really think I would be that stupid to poison the lieutenant of homicide, and that you wouldn’t figure it out?” she asks Dexter. She later adds, “I’m not sure quite how to say this, but I’ve never made a mistake. If I poisoned Deb she would be dead.”

Like her last victim, the orally fixated Sal Price? It’s the poison pen she used to kill him that Dexter hands over to his sister, proving where his loyalties ultimately lie.

“You should’ve killed me,” Hannah cries when Deb arrests her. Sadface! Guess “Hannah and Dexter’s Argentina Farm” wouldn’t be a very interesting show, but wasn’t it pretty to think these lovebirds could have a future together?

All Wrapped Up in a Pretty Package: Quinn steals evidence, Deb plants it — all in a day’s work for Miami Homicide! With LaGuerta and Matthews hot on his trail, Dexter concocts a boat and other “evidence” further incriminating Doakes in the Bay Harbor Butcher killings. It doesn’t explain the Travis Marshall blood slide (which isn’t even mentioned, d’oh) but the evidence enough to appease Matthews (that, and the bottle of scotch Dex gives him), but not LaGuerta.

Secret Santa: When one of his mother’s killers, Hector Estrada, is suddenly released on parole, Dexter thinks the universe is giving him a Christmas present. Turns out the “gift” is from LaGuerta, who orchestrated his release and had him tailed — directly to Dexter’s killing lair. Thanks to his chatty victim, Dexter realizes the captain has set him up, and escapes — leaving chainsaw running in a plastic-encased storage container. Unfortunately, Estrada also escapes from Dexter — knowing exactly who he is.

Lumps of Coal: Dear “Dexter” writers: No1curr about this Quinn-Nadia storyline. In this week’s thrilling installment, the Lothario cop discovers that Nadia has moved to Vegas, leaving him only a note. The only thing that would remotely interest us with these characters is a murder-suicide in the finale.

“Dexter’s” finale airs next Sunday, Dec. 16 at 9 p.m. How do you think they’ll wrap up the explosive seventh season?

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