dexter finale 712 'Dexter' finale recap: Will another shocking death save or destroy Dex and Deb?A ghost of Dexter Morgan’s (Michael C. Hall) past paid a visit in the Season 7 finale of “Dexter”: James Doakes (Erik King) — and his catchphrase, the title of this episode — was resurrected in flashbacks from the first season, in which Dexter first saved himself by implicating him as the Bay Harbor Butcher.

But now it was LaGuerta (Lauren V�lez) who paid the ultimate price for discovering Dexter’s secret. Only this time, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter)
pulled the trigger.

The episode started with Dexter visiting Hannah in prison, where she admits she poisoned Deb. Despite his betrayal, however, Hannah assures her lover that she will keep his secret and kisses him goodbye — and bites him, drawing blood. Touch�.

LaGuerta then pays a surprise visit to Dexter’s apartment, arresting him for the murder of Hector Estrada — ironically, one of Dexter’s only victims who is actually still alive. The rest of Miami Homicide — especially Deb and Batista — are horrified and enraged by the captain’s actions. Dex maintains his composure during his interrogation, as does his sister later when LaGuerta shows her footage of Deb filling a gas can the night of the Doomsday Killer’s death, with a timestamp shortly preceding the fire she and Dexter set to cover up his murder of Travis Marshall.

But that’s not all: Dex discovers that LaGuerta has warrants to track the GPS on his and Deb’s cell phones that night, enough to prove their guilt. With his phantom father/conscience, Dexter weighs his options: run or kill LaGuerta.

Meanwhile, Hannah appears in court to enter a plea on the charge of murdering Sal Price. Beforehand, she confronts Deb, calling her a hypocrite for prosecuting her while protecting her brother — a serial killer on a much grander scale. Touch� again, Hannah. After pleading not guilty, she embraces her former roommate, Arlene, who secretly hands her a capsule, which she swallows. Instead of going back to jail, Hannah is rushed to the hospital after suffering a series of seizures. She recovers and presumably escapes, leaving a parting gift — another lovely, possibly deadly plant — on Dexter’s doorstep.

Doakes is seen again in a series of wonderful flashbacks, revealing his suspicions of his partner’s “creepy” brother. If only he’d survived seven seasons instead of LaGuerta!

Like Doakes, LaGuerta falls victim to Dexter in more ways
than one. Her accusations about the mild-mannered blood-spatter expert are so
unbelievable that their colleagues are easily persuaded when Masuka
“discovers” (via Dexter’s manipulation of the evidence) that she has framed
him for Estrada’s murder.  

The ambitious captain finally makes her long-overdue appointment with death, when Dexter recaptures Hector Estrada and uses him to lure LaGuerta once again to the shipping container. His plan to save himself (realizing, thanks to Estrada, that for once he’s killing for “normal reasons”) is this: Stab Estrada, drug LaGuerta, shoot Estrada in his stab wound using her gun, and return the favor with Estrada’s gun.

Instead, noting her brother and boss’s absence from Batista’s New Year’s Eve bash, Deb tracks LaGuerta to the shipping yards, and confronts them as LaGuerta regains consciousness. As the lieutenant raises her gun, both LaGuerta and Dex urge her to do the right thing, with her brother holding up his arms in surrender. Instead, Deb shoots her boss — and collapses, sobbing, over LaGuerta’s body.

This isn’t going to be easy to explain when “Dexter” returns for its eighth and final season. What do you think is in store for the Morgans? Will they face the music … or meet up with Hannah in Argentina?

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