michael c hall jennifer carpenter dexter episode 8 2 'Dexter': Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter talk brother sister romanceIn the last moments of “Dexter’s” sixth season, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) discovered her brother is a killer. So how will this affect her romantic feelings for Dexter (Michael C. Hall)?

“The fact that she had some sort of softening in terms of her conception of her relationship to her brother probably makes her prepared to struggle with the information in a way that she wouldn’t have otherwise been,” Hall tells Zap2it. “She’s not ready to embrace him with open arms and say, ‘Oh, I love you, it’s OK,’ but I think she’s probably more open to the notion of trying to accept it or understand it.”

Carpenter insists Deb’s infatuation with her brother was present from “Dexter’s” first season. “When we started the show, I decided that Michael’s just so charming and handsome…that’s going to be a terribly hard thing to ignore.” (In fact, the actors were married for three years.) “So I thought, maybe I should find a way to incorporate that…So it felt like OK, that’s permission for us to go ahead and see where this goes.”

“When Deb walked in on him” — in what she calls “the strangest, scariest seduction scene” — “it was sort of like a lock opened,” Carpenter says. “Suddenly my life became my own. My brother’s not the person I thought he was, and my heart isn’t his, either. ”

When we asked Hall whether he believes Dexter is really capable of romantic love, he said, with a laugh, “Among other potentially negative things, he’s pretty narcissistic. So I don’t know if he’s capable of true love. I’m not saying he isn’t, but I’m not sure that he is…He does have this desire to be accepted, embraced, even celebrated, so [Deb’s discovery] is simultaneously horrifying and a tremendous relief, I think for both characters.”

“Part of the fun of the season is that he’s managing a completely different can of worms with Deb,” Hall concludes. “The secret is not his and his alone anymore, and it requires a certain vigilance to try manage her feelings about it.”

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