“Dexter” fans, rejoice. Your favorite blood spatter expert will soon return, and here’s the teaser promo (brand-spanking new following “The Big C” premiere) to prove it.

Warning: Here be spoilers. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Season 4 yet, why are you reading this? Of course, if you really want some spoilers, we got ’em.

As teaser promos go, it’s pretty vague and teaser-y, but if you know what’s going on, you’ll get it.

Michael C. Hall‘s ubiquitous voiceover lets us know that Dexter’s “carefully constructed world has turned upside down.” As you know, the life he was building with Rita (Julie Benz) ended abruptly at the close of Season 4 when she was murdered by the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow).

So, not only is he without that stable home life he was seeking, but he’s also suspected by an officer in the Miami P.D. of doing Rita in. After all, 90 percent of wives killed lie at the feet of the spouse. Right?

We just love the whole literal illustration of Dexter’s world turning upside down. “Dexter” has always been strong in the visual department.

“Dexter” returns for its fifth season on Sept. 26.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen