dexter 503 michael c hall baby 320 'Dexter' preview: Harrison, his nanny and the roadkill janitorOn “Dexter,” can serial killers and babies mix?

On the Sunday, Oct. 10 episode, “Practically Perfect,” Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is just as dedicated to being a good dad to his son Harrison as he is to being a vigilante. But in his service to the Dark Passenger, will Dexter put Harrison in harm’s way?

“I can assure you that there is no time in the season when you ever fear for that child in the sense that Dexter will behave either negligently or irresponsibly,” executive producer John Goldwyn tells Zap2it. “‘Not children, never children.’ It’s one of the inviolable things about the code. You just never ever put a child at risk.”

In fact, Dexter might be seen as hyper-vigilant when it comes to Harrison since they both share a traumatic incident in their respective childhoods: Sitting in a pool of blood at the scene of your mother’s brutal murder. It’s only natural then that Dexter brings his son to a therapist for evaluation:

“One of the more interesting scenes is when he sees the child psychologist, and [Harrison] pulls the head off the doll,” says Goldwyn with a laugh. “That’s a very good indication of the kind of humor that we have during the season. Dexter worries whether Harrison is in some way irreversibly damaged. What it reveals is that Dexter cares very much for that boy.”

The EP also reassures us that the baby playing Harrison is happy, healthy and not exposed to any scary things on set.

“This one baby we have, he’s genius, this child,” raves Goldwyn. “The baby has taken to Michael which is completely fascinating. He looks at Michael like he’s the father, and I believe there were a couple times that he said ‘Dada’ to him. He really loves Michael. We’re blessed because children thrive on instinct, and he just feels instinctively that it’s a good thing to be in Michael’s arms. He’s very tolerant and very engaged and amused and happy to be at the party.”

In order to be a better parent, Dexter’s going to take the psychologist’s advice to release some energy and “Do something for Dexter.” This requires finding a proper child caretaker to free Dexter up for his hobby. Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) also decides to help out in her own way.

Warning: Contains possibly offensive language since this clip features Deb

dexter maria doyle kennedy 503 250x350 'Dexter' preview: Harrison, his nanny and the roadkill janitorIt’s already been revealed that the show has cast “The Tudors” actress Maria Doyle Kennedy as Harrison’s dedicated nanny.

“That was a good decision,” says Goldwyn. “It’s funny: ‘Wait, let’s get this straight. It’s Miami, and there’s a perfect Irish babe who comes into Dexter’s household?’ She’s good because she’s strong and caring and intelligent and you’ll see early on in the season that she doesn’t cotton to Dexter’s ways and that her real interest is in the child. It’s just a very good thing in the absence of a mother in the season. Dexter listens to her. Dexter makes very clear his dependence on her. That relationship has a very specific color and a real value in this season.”

But enough with the touchy feely stuff. We’re talking “Dexter” after all, and now that he’s found his prey in dead animal pickup dude Boyd Fowler (Shawn Hatosy), the tension ratchets up some more.“Dexter” airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime

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