julia stiles dexter ep504 320 'Dexter' recap: Best Splayed PlansDeb and Quinn question Jordan about his connection with the missing Cole, Boyd and now Alex Tilden. Meanwhile, Lumen and Dexter plot to get Jordan, and it’s all very lovey-dovey. Lumen asks Dexter if Deb has ever suspected anything about him. He says she has a blind spot when it comes to him. Then, his baby monitor picks up the signal of the camera that Liddy has planted in the apartment. Liddy tells Quinn that he wants help getting his job back. Quinn refuses.

Dexter finds the camera, which has a “property of the police” sticker on it. He tells Lumen that they have to lie low, but she is anxious to continue their vigilante crusade. Masuka finds evidence that Cole was killed in his home, which gives further weight to Deb’s vigilante theory. LaGuerta points out that a woman would have a hard time overpowering these big guys and Deb says she may have help, from a man. Dexter is there for this talk and looks to be shitting himself. Dex finds out that Quinn checked out the surveillance equipment in his apartment. He also finds out that it’s not police business, that Quinn is doing this on his own. Lumen and Dexter search Quinn’s apartment and find that he’s a fan of cute cat YouTubes. They also find Liddy’s photos of them dumping Cole’s body into the marina.

HOLY SHIT, Mary Cherry is Dan the Dentist’s wife. Deb talks to her and finds out that he would leave for trips with “the guys.” The only name she recognizes amongst the teen friend killers is Jordan’s. She knows that his real name is Eugene Greer and tells Deb and Quinn. So, they know Jordan was lying about knowing them. Deb tells Dexter that Quinn thought he had something to do with Rita’s death.

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