dexter michael c hall s4 320 'Dexter' recap: Cloudy With A Chance Of Poison GasI’m actually embarrassed to try to explain the logic of this one even in recaplet form, but after Dexter discovers the same kill wound in EJO as in the Doomsday victims, Colin Hanks sees Dexter hovering over EJO’s body and locks him in the basement. He is then kind enough to have a conversation in front of the basement window with Tyler Durden in which we learn that it was Colin Hanks, not EJO, who was the real Revelations freak, and when EJO told him he needed help, he killed him. However, this information comes from Tyler Durden, whom Colin Hanks basically tells to eff off, so…after he had himself convinced that he was doing all this stuff because of Tyler Durden, now, just as Dexter learns the truth, he decides he doesn’t need him anymore? Sure. Dexter then gets so obsessed with catching Colin Hanks himself that he cuts off EJO’s dead hand and uses it to put his prints all over the church, and then…decides to keep the hand in the morgue, rather than dump it in the swamp? I…okay?

After the police finally get to the church (really considerate of them to take an entire day to show up when it was close enough to be in visual range of the wifi source), they all see from the paintings that the next tableau is going to involve wormwood. Meanwhile, Colin Hanks mines EJO’s blog for disciples (I’m glad all these freaks have Vimeo accounts) and finds a guy pledging his loyalty to EJO, so Colin Hanks goes to meet him and his wife, who are total zombified religious nuts he has no problem convincing to help him.

Everyone learns that Colin Hanks has a history of psychosis and even might have killed his parents, and then thanks to an unwitting assist from Deb, Dexter realizes that Colin Hanks is going to go back after Holly, the original Whore he let go, and tracks her to her rich boyfriend’s boat, the Ricochet Rabbit. Unfortunately, Colin Hanks and his zombies get there first by hours (given what Dexter went through to find her, how they could possibly have tracked her down, and that quickly, is totally beyond comprehension) and kill her; the good news is that Dexter follows and stabs an assailant in a hazmat suit – only it’s Zombie Husband for some reason. After Dexter realizes that wormwood is going to come in the form of poison gas, he finally caves and calls the police. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, Greene gives Batista a lead about the Zombie Freaks’ posts, so Batista goes to investigate (sans Quinn, who’s drunk as usual) and questions Zombie Wife, leading to Colin Hanks knocking him out. Of course, there are two episodes left, so he’s surely safe enough for now.

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