Dexter-Season-5-Episode-3.jpgQuinn and Batista interview EJO’s old teaching assistant, who opines that while EJO liked to stir up trouble and make people think, and they had an affair, he’s no killer. However, that night, despite Batista’s investigation-protocol-related objections, Quinn makes it his mission to bone her, which gives us the opportunity to see what looked to me in an admittedly quick shot like a tattoo of a seven-headed snake. Also, when Batista comes to pick Quinn up the next morning, he takes a look at some of EJO’s stuff he apparently left with the woman and discovers a playbook of some awfully familiar disturbing imagery, so it looks like the woman’s going to be a key figure in the investigation, and almost surely that Quinn’s little dalliance with her will come back to bite him. You know, if anyone actually cares.

Miami Metro discovers that the dead girl from last week worked at the caf� in the Miami Cultural Center, and based on the number 1244 so thoughtfully lodged in the dead girl’s esophagus, and the new male who’s replaced the Horrific Nightmare of an Intern’s research uncovering the mention of 1260 as a recurring number in Revelations, the team figures they only have fifteen clear days to work with before something truly terrible happens. On examination of the angel costume on the poor dead girl, Dexter finds a special type of glue used in ancient manuscript restoration; he follows this lead and discovers that Colin Hanks works at the Cultural Center and is a restoration expert. Dexter discovers where he lives and breaks into his place after Colin Hanks leaves to go to work and discovers that Colin Hanks got his Masters at the University of Tallahassee, where, as you’ll remember from last week, EJO used to teach. He also finds Colin Hanks’s Bible, which just so happens to have some passages and numbers in Revelations marked, and cuts out a page to take with him; soon, he’s confirmed that Colin Hanks’s Bible is the source of the numbers they’ve been finding on the Doomsday victims.

For his part, EJO informs Colin Hanks that they need to find the Whore of Babylon, but whether he’s in Colin Hanks’s head or not, once they see that the police have advertised EJO as the Doomsday Killer, they decide it’s not safe for him to be, um, seen in public. However, Colin Hanks fails in his first attempt to grab a girl without EJO, but the next night he hits a girl with his car and abducts her. Unfortunately for him, when he gets into his car after work the next day, Dexter is waiting for him, and he forces Colin Hanks to tell him what’s up, so Colin Hanks tells him EJO is the prophet he follows, and EJO is the one who’s actually been doing the killing. Dexter tells Colin Hanks that EJO is pure darkness, and he needs to find someone else to follow. When Dexter then allows him to go free, he calls EJO with a lame excuse for not showing up, prompting EJO to inform him sternly that if he thinks he can run from his God-given mission, he’d better think again. Probably not great news for the girl, wherever she may be at the moment.

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