dexter season 5 michael c hall harrison 'Dexter' recap: Finding a Tooth Fairy in a HaystackDeb is living with Dexter since she and Quinn split, which means that Dex gets to witness her battle with fashion choices as the new Lieutenant. Meanwhile, Travis has chained the guy that he nailed with a rock in the last episode to the floor of an abandoned church. He tells the guy that he needs to repent to God for his sins. Don’t we all. Travis screams at Nathan about not believing repentance. Poor Travis doesn’t even like doing any of this, but Edward James Olmos makes him continue. Nathan breaks free from a bolt in the floor and tries to escape but is stopped by a horse? Then, three horses are sent down a busy street carrying sewn-together puppet people consisting of wooden parts…and Nathan.

Near a crime scene, Angel spots a hot rod with a for sale sign that intrigues him. Quinn shows up late to the scene and there’s a girl with him who he kisses before getting out of the car. He’s clearly really sore about Deb. Quinn takes him aside and scolds him, but Quinn says that he and Deb split. He thinks she dumped him because she became Lieutenant. He also says that she stole Angel’s job, which he contests. Quinn says that Angel lets everyone walk all over him and then calls him Mrs. Laguerta (not even the decency to call him Mr. Laguerta), which almost gets him punched in the face.

The scene itself is for a prostitute who has been strangled. She shows signs that someone tried to pull her teeth out, which sparks something in Dexter. He goes home and looks through his old serial killer scrapbook, a thing that exists and I’m describing clinically. The Tooth Fairy used to kill prostitutes and pull out their teeth. Dexter is hoping to get his autograph. The Tooth Fairy was active in the ’80s and from Oregon and would be very old now, so Dexter starts looking in retirement homes for this guy. He looks for residents that moved from Oregon and zeros in on one. He follows the guy onto a golf course and lies his way into playing a few rounds with the salty fellow. While he’s feeling the guy out, he gets a call from Brother Sam telling him that his car is ready. He makes plans to help the old guy, Walter, run errands the next day. They stop at a storage space and the guy tells Dexter he can go. After Walter is gone, Dexter checks the space and finds a box of teeth. Walter realizes who Dexter is and tries to kill him, but Dexter wrecks his car (again) and flips the script. On his death bed, Walter says that when you’re too old to kill people, it makes life horrible and depressing. The guy mentions fame after death and his own son maybe being impressed by finding out he was the Tooth Fairy, so Dexter suffocates him to make the death look like a heart attack and disposes of the evidence linking him to the Tooth Fairy killings.

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