Dexter-Season-5-Episode-3.jpgDexter apologizes for leaving Deb in a lurch, and with the power of donuts and coffee she forgives him. But then Dexter takes further advantage of having his sister as his boss, and heads off to Brother’s Sam funeral, which is at the baptism spot. While there, he finds out that Brother Sam (RIP, Miss you!) left Dexter his Bible, which is appropriately caked in blood.

After this, Dex goes and visits Travis at work. But Travis is rightfully freaked out about the fact that EJO is totally going to kill his sister. So he turns Dexter down flat. But it’s OK, because Dexter gets assigned to go work on a case about a dead call girl. You know, his actual job. It looks like an easy overdose, but someone was definitely there in the room. LaGuerta tries the hard sell to get Deb to wrap this up quickly, under the guise that mothers think the world is ending and are turning suicidal because of all the open murder cases in Miami — but mostly because she’s covering for the john who left the dead hooker on the floor.

Dexter starts reading the Bible and uses that to manipulate Travis. At the same time, Deb starts looking for Travis and pays a visit to his sister. But none of that really matters, as Lisa ends up in the schoolyard as the Whore of Babylon (with bonus Deb Morgan business card pinned to her skin). EJO even has a lovely mural about it hiding up in his dusty old church… along with Travis, who he’s chained up to teach him about penance.

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